What will the classroom be like in 5 years according to IBM?

individual learningWe parents have always wondered what’s in store for our children as far as their education and individual learning are concerned. To give us an idea, Leah Hunter, in an article for FastCoexist.com, shares with us a prediction made by Dr. Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and Vice President of Innovation, about what the classroom would be like in 5 years.

The classroom will learn the students

Hunter shares an infographic made by IBM, and the infographic clearly states that in five years, it’s the classroom that will learn the students. It may sound a bit disturbing, but no matter how you look at it, it sounds really favorable to our students. Consider these points included in the infographic:

  • The classroom will create a syllabus based on individual learning style and pace, not on arbitrary teaching schedule.
  • The classroom of the future will learn about individual students over the course of their education and help them master the skills critical to meeting their goals
  • This system will level the playing field by ensuring that barriers to education become less of a factor for success.

They sound pretty encouraging, don’t they? I especially agree with the thing about the arbitrary teaching schedule. I just hope that what Dr. Katharine Frase, CTO Education at IBM, was quoted as saying in the infographic becomes a reality, that in five years, “the classroom will learn about each individual student and provide a tailored curriculum from kindergarten through high school and toward employment”.

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