What to Do with Kids Hooked on Rewards

Dr. Michele Borba, a child expert and author, enlightens us about “kids hooked on rewards”. Parents may think that children deserve a reward when they have done well. While this is true, this reward system can be bad for the children in the long run.

When we let our children use these rewards as motivation to excel or be successful at something, they will have a hard time later on if they no longer have parents to motivate them. The goal is that the kids should grow up motivating themselves for the right reasons.

How to detach kids from the rewards system

  • Never give unnecessary incentives
  • Give a positive comment on a job well done; never open your wallet
  • Let him know that giving himself a pat on the head is okay
  • Ask your child to keep a diary to keep tabs on all his accomplishments
  • Always remember not to open your wallet.

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