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"My second grader has learned so much in 7 days! He has gone from failing his math facts tests at school, to 100% mastery in JUST 7 days. I never would have believed that one game could be so life changing. He has so much confidence now." - Melanie Harper, USA

Build Confidence in Math - Right from the Start!

Stop the painful struggle and equip your child to master the fundamental building blocks of math. Many high school children are held back because they never mastered their math facts. Do not let your son or daughter become one of them.

MathRider's unique combination of game play, storytelling and reward system, coupled with a learning artificial intelligence system ensure that your child will completely master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All in the one fun game.

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Imagine the feeling of success your child will experience when they receive the final award from the king himself, indicating they are now master of addition or whatever operation they have been playing.

Take MathRider For A Spin

The trial registration key will give you 7 days to try out the full-featured MathRider. Enough time for you and your kids to decide whether you will it will work for you or not. And if you decide to purchase the game, all player statistics gathered during the trial period will be retained and remain available - your kids will NOT have to start from scratch.

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What You Will Get

  • Math Facts Game with All Features Enabled

    We will send you detailed download and installation instructions, together with your evaluation key, enabling all the features in the software for the duration of the evaluation period.

  • Find Out Where Your Child Is At Right Now

    The first thing that happens with MathRider is that the software "learns" what your child has already mastered and where additional practice is needed. You can then simply continue with MathRider or use other means of assisting him or her - the choice is yours!

  • Witness Some Immediate Improvements

    Because our software hones in on areas that need further practice, just a few days of practice is all it takes to see some marked improvements with many children.

  • Practice Mode Enabled Indefinitely

    MathRider features a highly configurable "Practice" Mode. This mode allows "free practice" in that it is not connected to the statistics engine. Instead it allows you to choose any individual number, range of numbers and operation to be practiced, as you see fit. This practice mode will remain available to you even after the evaluation key has expired. So MathRider will be useful to you even beyond the evaluation period.

  • Helpful Tips and Articles

    We will also send you tips and tutorials that you can use in the future, whether you choose to purchase the software or not. You can unsubscribe from these tips at any time.

  • Support

    If you require any support with the MathRider software during your evaluation, feel free to contact our support team any time using the contact form available via the on-line help or by simply replying to the installation email.

Alexia Acha, Mother of three (now four)

"Soooo Improved"

Alexia and family

Alexia and family

I have to tell you, that my 9 year old was SOOO improved after just the 7 day trial. Also, he is no longer scared of math, and willing to TRY new/ harder stuff. Where as before Math Rider, if I would bring up math he would mentally shut down!

Alexia Acha,


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