The best advice for being in a positive frame of mind

1110075_wonderful_3Great advice tends to be a very rare commodity. Often, some of the more mediocre ones come out in the garb of smart language or we simply assume an advice to be healthy because it is made by an elder person. This however does not change the fact that the real brilliant advices are like the Haley’s Comet. Pete Wargent for the Property Update writes how such advices should be kept for posterity by noting them down in black and white.


The exercise is an elementary one but very powerful nonetheless

Wargent talks about getting a brilliant recommendation on positivity from a friend- one which is worth its own weight in gold. Well! The advice is a fairly elementary one; it just talks about keeping fully positive for a period of 7 days without allowing a single negative thought to play with your brain. Of course, humans can’t keep the ever-so-persistent negative thoughts completely at bay and hence the exercise makes a concession- you can feed those thoughts for a period of 30 seconds, but no more at one time in any given case.

Be your own moral guardian

Also, you should dutifully acknowledge a goof up even if you do so on the final day of the exercise (after all, nobody else can find out that you erred). Harsh though it may sound, you would have to begin the whole exercise anew if you figure out that you have concentrated on a negative thought for more than 30 seconds (remember: even 40 seconds is an unpardonable goof up).

Wargent talks about this great advice citing that it can bring miraculous results in terms of sustained positivity. He also suggests that the decision to remain happy or sad is ours at any stage in our lives. You can read the original article here.

Great for parents and kids

I think that Wargent’s advice is a timely reminder of the need to be positive. These are very interesting times materialistically but somehow we are on the wrong slope of harmony. Our stressful lives create frictions of various kinds and often this friction spills into gloom and depression. If parents are not positive, they have a very little chance of keeping their children in high spirits. As an aside, such a state of mind may result in a gloomy home environment which invariably suffocates a child. Thus it is of utmost importance to invest one’s mind in such great exercises. This way, our positive attitude will create a wealthy impact on our young ones too.

I shared this with my kids and we’re currently on our 7-day challenge.  What are your thoughts on this? Have you done something similar before?

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