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How to Deal with Fear of Failure in Children

Have you ever wondered how to prevent fear of failure in your children? Whether it is math tests at school, drawing or a sports club, our children’s world is getting more and more competitive.

Though some may say that kids today are quite lucky because they are given lots of opportunities to develop their full potential, there is also the fact that children are bombarded with all kinds of choices and information, that some of them feel very much pressured to do well.


The Importance of Teaching Confidence To Your Child

It is probably the greatest wish of parents to see their children grow up happy and fulfilled.
A healthy level of personal self-confidence is arguably an essential foundation for finding both happiness and fulfilment. It’s basically an attribute that can help any person to succeed at any stage of his life.

An early contribution from parents can be a decisive factor for the development of confidence in a growing child that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


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