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How To Find Out If Your Young Teenager Suffers Anxiety

teenager suffers anxietyIt is but normal for teenagers to feel anxiety from time to time, since they, like us adults, have to deal with stressful situations in their everyday lives. There’s the pressure to do well in school, peer pressure, and of course, hormones. Some teenagers, however, seem to feel them more than other teenagers. They react more strongly to stress, and that could lead to harmful situations.

That said, you as a parent would want to know if your teenage kid suffers anxiety to the point that it cripples them and rules their lives. To find out if your young teenager suffers anxiety, check out an article written by A. Pawlowski for Today that cites some signs of anxiety among teens.

Sadness Has Its Benefits Too

sadness has its benefitsThe title of this post may seem weird to many, especially in this world where sadness is not exactly welcomed or valued, but that is exactly what Dr. Joseph P. Forgas, Scientia Professor of Psychology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, is saying in an article for the Greater Good. Sadness, he says, may be good for you.


Study: Women Still Suffer Bias in Hiring for STEM Jobs

Discrimination against womenDiscrimination against women is still very much prevalent in the field of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), particularly in hiring for jobs in the field. Science Daily reports that a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that male candidates for a math-related position are twice as likely to be hired over female applicants, even though both are equally qualified for the post, or even when the female is better qualified than the male.


12 Quotes About Fear to Inspire You

Happy kid playing with toy airplaneWe all have our fears, whether we admit it or not. It is one of the most basic of human emotions, which is to say that if you’re a human being who doesn’t feel fear in any way, shape or form, then you’re probably not human.

Then again, fear can be overcome, as countless people throughout history have proven. If you are the type of parent who harbours fears about the way you are raising your children or how they are going to turn out when they grow up, here are quotes about fear to inspire you. Fear, after all, can stand in the way of success. Face your fears with regards to parenting your children, and you will be doing them a favour.


Researchers Say The Word “Bullying” May Be A Problem In Itself

bullying in schoolsIt’s great that most schools and other groups are now actively implementing a policy against bullying in schools. A group of researchers, however, suggested to USA Today that these anti bullying advocates would probably gain more headway in their mission if they not use the word “bullying” anymore. A post by Julia Laurence on has more to say about the USA Today article.


Things Moms Should Avoid Saying To Their Daughters

things moms should avoid saying to their daughtersOne of life’s most complex relationships is between a mother and her daughter. In many cases, it’s a love-hate relationship, where both love each other so dearly yet argue or even fight so often over just about everything that their relations end up being strained, sometimes for life.

While it’s understandable for kids being kids with all the tantrums, the mother, being the supposedly more mature one, should be the one who should keep her tongue in check. That’s because one demoralizing or even disparaging comment from a mother and the girl will carry the weight of that remark for years to come, resulting in, among other things, low self-esteem. There are just certain things moms should avoid saying to their daughters, and this is what Danielle Sullivan is getting at in an article she wrote for


Kids Also Need Some Time Alone

is school a waste of energy?

Giving the kids some alone time promotes independence

Today’s children seem to have a never ending list of activities in their daily schedules. Often, we as parents make it our goal to provide our children with interesting things to do to keep them stimulated.

In an article at the Huffington Post, Dr Peggy Drexler points out how teaching and training our kids the importance of effectively utilizing quiet time and time alone plays an important part in their upbringing.


What to Do with Kids Hooked on Rewards

Dr. Michele Borba, a child expert and author, enlightens us about “kids hooked on rewards”. Parents may think that children deserve a reward when they have done well. While this is true, this reward system can be bad for the children in the long run.

When we let our children use these rewards as motivation to excel or be successful at something, they will have a hard time later on if they no longer have parents to motivate them. The goal is that the kids should grow up motivating themselves for the right reasons.

How to detach kids from the rewards system

  • Never give unnecessary incentives
  • Give a positive comment on a job well done; never open your wallet
  • Let him know that giving himself a pat on the head is okay
  • Ask your child to keep a diary to keep tabs on all his accomplishments
  • Always remember not to open your wallet.

Read the full article here.

How to motivate your child to study and learn more

motivationJust spending a few seconds praising your child’s abilities to motivate your child can have a dramatic effect – but not in the way most people would expect, including many parenting gurus.

If you want to motivate your child, be sure to focus your praise on away from your child’s abilities. In other words, avoid saying things like “You are super smart” or “You are a genius”. There is a much better way to praise and motivate your child.


Three Things To Never Say To Your Children

Do you remember Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich? The Secret’s Law of Attraction? Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar? In fact every authority on achieving life goals will tell you that your thoughts and your words are absolutely crucial in accomplishing anything.

Similarly, the words we give to our children can have a dramatic impact on their lives. And some should be avoided at all costs…


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