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Are We Treating Our Kids Worse Than Inmates?

kid in jailWe probably don’t think too much about the time our children spend outside. We believe it’s safer for them to stay inside, so we keep them in, cutting down outside play time to fewer and shorter duration.

What is surprising is when you compare the time kids spend outside to the time given to prisoners in the US. You’ll be amazed to learn the truth.


How Much Social Media Is Enough?

social mediaNo one can deny that social media, as it stands today, is an essential part of our everyday lives. This is most especially true of our children, teenagers in particular. Practically all teenagers spend a lot of their time on social media sites, and that, per se, is not necessarily a bad thing. Social media sites, after all, have a lot of good things going for them. For one, they help kids stay connected with family. Social media can also help teach social responsibility to our kids to the point where they can join non-profit and charity campaigns. Their creativity may also be enhanced as ideas, music and art are freely shared and discussed on social media.

Social media, however, can get real addictive, and addictions of all forms are certainly not good for anyone, especially our children. It is our responsibility as parents to put some limits on their use of social media. Then again, how much social media is enough to force us to intervene and put our foot down? You’ll know your kids have had enough social media when:


How to Avoid Pushing Your Gifted Child Too Hard

avoid pushing your gifted childHaving a gifted child is a blessing, but it can very easily turn into a curse if you, as a parent, have no idea how to deal with your child’s giftedness. Under normal circumstances, a parent of a gifted child should know the importance of reinforcing the child’s gifts. Motivating them to excel also comes with the territory.

Some parents, however, may end up pushing their child too hard and not realize it before it’s too late. If you’re one such parent and you’re pushing your gifted child too hard, he or she could feel pressured, which could then lead to emotional issues that will become a much bigger problem later on.

In her blog Reality Check, child expert Dr. Michelle Borba tells of ways to avoid pushing your gifted child too hard.


How To Say No To Your Kids And Get Them To Accept It

how to say no to your kidsThe word “no” will always be an oft-repeated word in a parent-child relationship. While admittedly tiresome, many parents continue telling their kids no when they want something that, in one way or another, breaches certain limitations they have set. The problem is, many kids have a hard time accepting those “nos”, and resort to tantrums and screaming. Parents, on the other hand, then take to yelling, making threats or being harsh just to get that “no” across.

The thing is, getting kids to cooperate without yelling, threatening or treating them harshly is very much possible. Here are some ways to say no to your kids and get them to accept it.


How To Spend An Amazing Weekend With Your Child

spend an amazing weekend with your childYou are with your child every single day of the week, but much of it is about helping your child prepare for school and driving them to and from school. Sure, you find time to read them stories in bed, but your child needs to spend more meaningful time with you, and vice versa. Remember, your time with your child is limited, and it won’t be long before they leave the nest to go to college or become independent.

The best thing you can do now is to spend quality time with your child on weekends. It is, after all, the only time of the week when the both of you aren’t that busy. By quality, we mean more than just taking the child to the mall for fast food and a movie. Here’s how to spend an amazing weekend with your child.


How To Raise a Happy Child – 7 Essential Tips

how to raise a happy childParents want their children to be successful human beings when they grow up, and most of them raise their kids in service of that goal. However, many parents tend to overdo it and sacrifice their children’s happiness in the process. Considering that experts have been saying time and again that happier children make for more successful grownups, it’s important for parents to put a lot more effort into raising a happy child. To help you out, here are 7 essential tips on how to raise a happy child.


Are Our Kids Overreacting or Misbehaving?

purposeful behaviour in childrenIn some ways, kids deal with things just like we adults do. Like us, they can feel sad in the face of disappointment, conflict and rejection. Like so many of us, they also tend to overreact to these things, and even parental advice. What’s causing some parents some concern, however, is the fact that sometimes, kids overstate their problems, but are actually just being intentionally mischievous, and therefore misbehaving.


Are Today’s Kids Spoiled Rotten?

bashing today’s kids as spoiled and entitledThere is this alarming perception that today’s kids are spoiled rotten. Compared to their parents or other elders, today’s generation seem to be having a field day getting from their parents too much stuff and attention, and not enough discipline and expectations. Everyone in the media and the Internet can’t seem to get enough of putting down today’s kids. The younger generation is routinely labelled as rude, irresponsible, self-centered, undisciplined and entitled.

However, if a recent major report by the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) on the state of Americans’ health as of 2013 is to be believed, today’s kids may not really be as irresponsible or spoiled rotten as everyone else believes.


Why Kids Don’t Do Chores

Why Kids Don’t Do ChoresIf your child readily helps around the house, then you can consider yourself fortunate. For majority of kids, however, household chores are hardly at the top of their priorities, and that leaves parents who can actually use some help at home frustrated. Getting your children to do chores is actually more than just getting much-needed help. Chores actually teach our children important life skills. It teaches them how to be part of a team, and how each member of that should contribute for the good of that team.

If your child doesn’t help out more, here are some of the possible reasons.


4 Reasons Why You Should Go on Family Trips

family tripsTraveling the world is something that practically everyone dreams of. However, too few people make that dream come true, for a variety of reasons. Most prominent of all, of course, is the cost. Traveling by your lonesome to, say, Europe can already be expensive. Imagine if you have to take your entire family with you. The cost, as far as you’re concerned, becomes so astronomical that you predictably just put everything off until you’re in a better financial situation.

If anything, however, you should never let cost get in the way of family trips. There are more things that you can experience during family trips that are infinitely more valuable than the money you’ll be spending for them. Here are four reasons why you should go on family trips.


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