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8 Simple But Effective Ways for Children to Practice Math Everyday

math becomes a problem if it's applied only in school

A lot of people make claims about not knowing math without being aware of how much math they actually do in their daily lives.

Actually, math is the language of the universe and is pretty much alive in the world around us.

The greatest mathematicians know this and are able to see math in everything – and so can you!


Mathematician Calculates Influence of Peer Pressure

influence of peer pressureWe used to think of peer pressure in abstract terms, but a mathematician has successfully calculated the influence of peer pressure on society in general, ScienceDaily reports.

In a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, Professor Ernesto Estrada of the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics made use of mathematical models to analyse data from 15 networks and effectively identify the role of peer pressure in society.


Computers Give A Positive Push To Experimental Mathematics

experimental mathematicsComputers do not possess intuitive powers of the human mind but they can complement mathematical research and inductive exploration because they are skilled in calculations and manipulations.

An article appearing on the Science News states how they have made it easy for scientists and researchers to seek proofs which were hidden behind the cloud of lengthy calculations till now.


How Math Was Used to Unlock a Key Biological Process

math used to unlock key biological processThe biological process that keeps us healthy has just been made easier to explain and predict. An article on ScienceDaily reports that scientists at the University of Southern California, with the help of a mathematical model they created, have unlocked the secrets of antibody diversity, the bodily process which uses hypermutation to generate healthy immune systems.

“We can now predict the motion of a key enzyme that initiates hypermutations in immunoglobulin [Ig] genes”, says Myron Goodman, professor of biological sciences and chemistry at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and co-author of the study along with Chi Mak, professor of chemistry at USC Dornsife.

The mathematical model Goodman and Mak created for the study allowed them to describe the motion and interaction with the DNA of the “activation-induced deoxycytidine deaminase” (or AID) enzyme, which is responsible for the creation of the mutation that gives a person protection against germs that one’s body hasn’t even seen yet.

“Mathematics is the universal language behind physical science, but its central role in interpreting biology is just beginning to be recognized,” Mak said.

Click here to read the full article.

How Math Creates Our Movies

math creates our moviesOver the decades, we have enjoyed computer-generated effects-laden movies, from the sci-fi majesty of the entire “Star Wars” franchise to the scary realism of a small comet hitting the Atlantic Ocean in “Deep Impact”. We enjoy them so much for how realistic they are that sometimes, we forget the kind of hard work that goes into every single frame. Consequently, we also fail to realize how math creates our movies.

Just imagine the amount of mathematical work required just to make the hair of an animated character look lifelike or to keep Superman’s hair in place even as he flies through the air like a speeding bullet. Without a doubt, math creates our movies, and it’s high time we recognize that.


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