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Fun Lego Games for Kids Parties

Fun Lego games for kids partiesOne of the best (and unfortunately, hardest) part of planning a kiddie party is choosing that party games to include in the program. You have to make sure that the games will be fun and everybody can join in. Also, you have to make sure that it will really pique the interests of the kids. After all, games for kiddie parties should be tweaked for the kids themselves. An added bonus would be if the kids can learn a thing or two from the games. So what kinds of games can you possibly play that can be fun, engaging, and educational at the same time?


How Math Creates Our Movies

math creates our moviesOver the decades, we have enjoyed computer-generated effects-laden movies, from the sci-fi majesty of the entire “Star Wars” franchise to the scary realism of a small comet hitting the Atlantic Ocean in “Deep Impact”. We enjoy them so much for how realistic they are that sometimes, we forget the kind of hard work that goes into every single frame. Consequently, we also fail to realize how math creates our movies.

Just imagine the amount of mathematical work required just to make the hair of an animated character look lifelike or to keep Superman’s hair in place even as he flies through the air like a speeding bullet. Without a doubt, math creates our movies, and it’s high time we recognize that.


The Amazing Truth – Why We Use X As The Unknown in Algebra

X in AlgebraIt’s probably safe to say that for everyone who had to go through Algebra in school, the use of the letter x in Algebra to represent an unknown quantity or variable has always been something of a mystery. We all asked why x in algebra is always the usual suspect, so to speak.

If you’re a teacher for children (school, home or otherwise) and you get asked this question about the x in Algebra in class, you can avoid being stumped by showing them this TED Talks video, which explains the origins of x as the unknown in Algebra.


Use Math And Get Past The Zombie Apocalypse

“Nature and nature’s laws lay hid in night. God said let Newton be and all was light.” If mathematics can decipher the secrets of nature, it can be counted upon to do nearly anything.

With so many Zombie flicks around at the movies, a professor at the University of Ottawa has developed a mathematical model that explains their epidemic effect and calculates the speed of virus transmission. Michael Dhar for the Yahoo! News reports  about this model, making fascinating material for many schools’ math lessons.


8 Videos That Prove Math Is Awesome

Math Is AwesomeMathematics is considered a powerful science but it can take up the form of art quite well too. I saw a few videos on Mashable which had me in fits (ecstatic fits I must say).  Having come face to face with so many powerful elements of mathematics, the only way I can react is by sharing the video link with you all.


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