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Fun Lego Games for Kids Parties

Fun Lego games for kids partiesOne of the best (and unfortunately, hardest) part of planning a kiddie party is choosing that party games to include in the program. You have to make sure that the games will be fun and everybody can join in. Also, you have to make sure that it will really pique the interests of the kids. After all, games for kiddie parties should be tweaked for the kids themselves. An added bonus would be if the kids can learn a thing or two from the games. So what kinds of games can you possibly play that can be fun, engaging, and educational at the same time?


Highly Successful People Actually Crave Mistakes

learn from our mistakesThe title of this post may sound weird, knowing that no one likes to fail. Or so we thought. In an article written by Belle Beth Cooper for Buffer, she elaborates on the fact that highly successful people actually crave mistakes.


What Is The Best Way To Learn According To Psychologists?

best way to learnThe answer to that question might surprise you the same way it surprised me. According to a new study conducted by a team of psychologists, the best way to learn is by studying over a scheduled period of time, not highlighting, re-reading, summarization or any of the methods that most students use.


Brain Training Games Don’t Work, Says New Study

brain training gamesThe market is flooded by brain training games that are being sold as capable of improving our overall intelligence and brain function. These games, which form part of a trillion-dollar industry, revolve around testing our memory, attention and other brain processing to improve our cognitive abilities.

The question is, are they really effective? According to an article written by Christie Nicholson for SmartPlanet, they aren’t.


The Effects of Multitasking While Learning On Students

multitasking while learningEvery single human being on the planet is inherently capable of multitasking. On countless occasions, we all have done two or more tasks at the same time, particularly when the tasks are menial in nature. While cleaning house, for instance, we listen to music or even watch the kids at the same time. In today’s hi-tech world, watching television is, more often than not, accompanied by texting on smartphones or commenting on social media threads.

While the human mind can easily do these multiple tasks at any given time, there is a big difference when it involves learning multitasking while learning. In an article at Mind/Shift, Annie Murphy Paul writes about how multitasking while learning affects our kids, and the implications are far from encouraging. Read on to see what else she has to say on the subject.


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