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How To Establish A Good School Routine

good school routineThe transition period from summer vacation to school is perhaps one of the more stressful times of any given year. This is true not just of students, but also of parents. During summer vacations, it is typical for parents and their kids to stay up late and wake up late doing all kinds of stuff, from watching TV and DVDs to playing board games late into the night.

With summer well and truly over, it is also typical for parents and their kids to be thrown into frantic days of dragging them off their beds, arguing over who gets to use the bathroom first, preparing their lunches, driving them to school and picking them up at the end of the day. It’s a routine that can drive anyone involved a little out of whack especially in the mornings. Clearly, parents and their children need to establish a good school routine. Here are some tips for doing just that.


The Best Way To Help Your Kids With Schoolwork

help kids with schoolworkAs parents, it is our responsibility to be there to help kids with schoolwork. Sometimes, however, we help too much to the point that we’re already the ones doing it for them. Many parents are guilty of that. In any case, that is not the right way to help kids with schoolwork, because all it ever does is take away their self-responsibility. In an article for ParentInvolvementMatters, Rick Ackerly outlines ways parents can help kids with schoolwork yet increase their self-responsibility and ownership of their learning at the same time.


How to motivate your child to study and learn more

motivationJust spending a few seconds praising your child’s abilities to motivate your child can have a dramatic effect – but not in the way most people would expect, including many parenting gurus.

If you want to motivate your child, be sure to focus your praise on away from your child’s abilities. In other words, avoid saying things like “You are super smart” or “You are a genius”. There is a much better way to praise and motivate your child.


Homework Help for Parents (and their Kids)

Help with homework for parents and kidsIt is a well-known fact that most children hate homework, so here’s some homework help for parents. Probably the number one reason why kids dislike homework is because they HAVE to do it – there is no choice in the matter. But you as a parent can always change your child’s experience of doing school work at home for the better.

Here are some quick ways to make homework time a better time for all:


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