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8 Simple But Effective Ways for Children to Practice Math Everyday

math becomes a problem if it's applied only in school

A lot of people make claims about not knowing math without being aware of how much math they actually do in their daily lives.

Actually, math is the language of the universe and is pretty much alive in the world around us.

The greatest mathematicians know this and are able to see math in everything – and so can you!


Hard Lessons Your Kids Should Learn in Their 20s

hard lessons your kids should learnIt is no secret that parents wish their kids stayed kids forever, but that, of course, isn’t going to happen. Whether we like it or not, our children are going to grow up, and will be faced with practically the same frustrations, failures and other situations that we went through ourselves, particularly during our 20s, that stage in our lives where we’ll be facing the realities of the real world.

Naturally, these tough lessons in life are best learned through experience, but it never hurts to give our kids a bit of a heads up while they’re still young. An article written by Richard Feloni for Business Insider Australia about 20 hard lessons everyone should learn by their 20s makes for a great reference for such a thing.


Teachers Eyeing More Tech In Classrooms, Says Report

more tech in classroomsTeachers are eager for more tech in classrooms, but are often faced with the lack of resources, according to a report released by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA).

As featured in Education News, the SIIA’s 2014 Vision K-20 Survey Report puts an emphasis on the eagerness of teachers to incorporate more tech in their classrooms, particularly when it comes to online testing, but the lack of computers and insufficient bandwidth in their institutions makes achieving it a bit of a challenge. This lack of resources is to blame for shortcomings in online tutoring, technology training for educators, and assessments

Lack of resources notwithstanding, more tech is still somehow being integrated into classrooms, courtesy of schools encouraging “BYOD” or bring your own device. About half of all secondary schools support the idea in 2014. Better yet, in the next five years, more than 80% of districts will be able to allow mobile devices.

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Study: It Takes More Than Practice to Gain Expertise

building expertiseMost of us have been brought up believing that practice makes perfect, but that may not really be a hundred per cent accurate, if a new Princeton University study is to be believed. According to a report in the Association For Psychological Science website, deliberate practice may not be as influential in becoming an expert as we generally believe.


Mathematics Used To Reclassify Dinosaur Bone

mathematics and dinosaursYou wouldn’t expect that mathematics would perform such a vital function in the field of palaeontology, but mathematics just contributed greatly to the reclassification of a dinosaur bone found in Australia belonging to a dinosaur family that scientists previously thought never roamed the Southern Hemisphere.

Mathematical data proves dinosaur not a new species

According to a Science Daily report, Professor Robert Sinclair, a member of the team that recently published a paper in Alcheringa: An Australasian Journal of Palaeontology, analysed three different types mathematical data, and the results finally convinced certain palaeontologists that a dinosaur bone found in southern Australia belonged to the Ceratopsia family, and not a new species as initially declared by its discoverers.

This bit of news is yet another example of effectively using mathematics in the real world, and in a world that children typically are fond of, no less. We loved dinosaurs as kids, and your kids probably feel the same too. As Prof. Sinclair has proven, mathematics and dinosaurs do go together.

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How to Make Your Kid Stop Whining

make your kid stop whiningIt is but normal for children to whine, but you can never deny that whining—especially the non-stop variety—can drive any parent crazy. Kids can whine about the simplest of things, especially when they’re overwhelmed. That alone should tell you that whining is a cry for help.

So how exactly can you make your kid stop whining? Definitely, a negative interaction with your child is out of the question. It will only serve to make the whining worse, not to mention force her to carry all those negative emotions with him or her for the rest of the day and even to the next. To get your child to stop whining without raising your voice or being all mad about it, you should:


Learning Walks – A Great Way To Connect Parents and Schools

Learning WalksIt is a fact that many parents actually know little about what goes on in school with their children. The idea of Learning Walks, however, may actually be able to change that, as an article by Gwen Pescatore for Edutopia suggests.


Texting Produces Better Spellers, Says UK Study

Texting Produces Better SpellersLike most parents, I have always thought that texting is eroding the spelling ability of children, what with all that text-speak and those shortcuts that it entails. However, a recent UK study on Education News says the opposite is true, that texting makes for better spellers.

Link between increasing spelling and grammar skills and text-speak

The study, which was conducted by Coventry University and the University of Tasmania and published in the British Journal of Developmental Psychology, reveals that there is a link between increasing spelling and grammar skills and text-speak, which often entails abbreviating words and leaving out capital letters and punctuation.

According to Clare Wood, professor of psychology in education at Coventry University, texting can in fact improve phonics skills and give children a better understanding of how sounds and print relate to one another.

Personally, I still feel a bit uncomfortable about text abbreviations and all those misspellings that my kid sends me on a regular basis. Hopefully, this topic gets explored some more in future studies until it becomes a clear and undeniable scientific truth.

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Give Your Children a Rich Life Without Raising Entitled Kids

empower your kidsIt is the instinct of every parent to want to give his or her child everything because it is indeed what they deserve. However, over the years, it has become increasingly evident that giving a child the rich life tends to turn them into entitled children. These children tend to act like the world owes them, and no parent would ever want their children to turn out like that. If anything, we want our children to grow up knowing how important hard work is to getting what they want.

The thing is, we can still give kids a rich life without them turning into the entitled brats we’re only all-too familiar with. Here are some tips on doing just that.


Learn Math the Fun Way

learn math the fun wayGenerally speaking, learning math can be such a tedious process. However, there are ways that you can learn math the fun way. In an interview for Psychology Today with Sooinn Lee, founder of LocoMotive Labs, which develops learning apps for children, Dr. Joshua Gowin discusses ways to do just that.


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