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How To Raise a Reader

raise a readerIn a world full of technological distractions, helping children develop a pure love for reading is proving to be a little tougher than usual. Then again, we parents should never forget that we have the power to create enthusiastic readers in our kids. To help you raise a reader, here are a number of things that will surely help them develop a lifelong interest for reading.


Get Involved, Not Interfere With Your Child’s Education

do not interfere with your child's educationTaking an active part in the education of our children is one of our biggest responsibilities. The home, after all, is our child’s first classroom, and what he or she learns from us and the environment we provide really matters. Sometimes, however, some parents take too much responsibility for their child’s education, and I admit I’m a bit guilty when it comes to that. When we parents get too involved with the education of our children, we are essentially taking the responsibility away from them, and that will severely affect their own sense of self-determination, which is very essential to a child’s performance.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you should back off when it comes to the education of your child. You still have to get involved, but do not interfere with your child’s education. Here are some ways to do just that.


Why Connecting Is Essential To Educating Children

connecting with kidsTeachers are aware that they need to connect with their students to become effective teachers. Making that connection, however, also applies to us parents when it comes to educating children. In an article he wrote for the website ParentInvolvementMatters, Rick Ackerly quotes Edward Hallowell, who says this in his book Connect that “connecting is the most important factor in learning”. This is what he had to say.


Ten Great Benefits of Reading for Your Child

benefits of readingReese Witherspoon, the famous Hollywood actress, had recently remarked that she goes insane in a bookstore and that “my heart beats hard because I want to buy everything”. This may be translated as nothing but love for books; pure delight in reading the written word. Have you tried to inculcate the same love for words in your child?

Four Tips To Help Memorize Anything For School Kids

Memory helps us to retain and recall facts, impressions and events. The fundamental skill that is required to learn any other skill is the ability to memorize.

As we all know our children need to memorize their math facts as a basis for higher level math. In the same manner, kids need to memorize alphabets in order to read and write. By following these simple tips suggested here, you can help your child memorize anything ranging from the name of a person to a math formula.


The Importance of Teaching Confidence To Your Child

It is probably the greatest wish of parents to see their children grow up happy and fulfilled.
A healthy level of personal self-confidence is arguably an essential foundation for finding both happiness and fulfilment. It’s basically an attribute that can help any person to succeed at any stage of his life.

An early contribution from parents can be a decisive factor for the development of confidence in a growing child that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


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