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Math Teachers Get Huge Library From Open Curriculum

Common Core mathematicsIn keeping with its goal of providing teachers with top-notch materials and tools, Open Curriculum has recently launched on its website a massive library to help math teachers enhance their lesson materials.

According to a report by Education News, the math library, which has been designed to help with planning lessons for Common Core mathematics, is made up of 5,000 documents, all of which can be accessed by anyone, although registering for the site would be much better as registered users get access to special tools.

Some 6,000 teachers use Open Curriculum every month and take advantage of the materials offered on the site, all of which are curated and organized from teacher blogs as well as lesson material publishers. Also available on the site are tools for creating lesson plans and more.

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Education Technology Spending Rises By 11% Worldwide

education technologyDespite the budget cuts in schools all over the world, global spending on education technology increased by 11% from 2012, according to a recent market study.

Conducted by Futuresource Consulting, the study reveals that global spending on education technology within classrooms reached a high of $13 billion, even with all the budget cuts implemented on other areas of education. Some 62% of that $13 billion was spent on laptops, tablets and notebooks.

Emerging with a significant share of the education technology market is Google’s Chromebook, which accounted for more than 20% of notebook sales as well as 8% of all tablet and computer sales.

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Brazil’s World Cup Spending Nearly as High as Education Budget

Brazils World Cup SpendingFor a site that has been putting a lot of emphasis on the importance of education, hearing news about the kind of money Brazil is spending on the recently-opened FIFA World Cup can be quite disappointing. According to Education News, Brazil is spending almost as much on World Cup-related upgrades and facelifts as it does on its public educational system.

Word Cup spending costs more than 60% of education budget

You see, it’s galling enough for a country considered as one of the poorest in the world to spend Brazilian Real (R) $25.6 billion or $11.5 billion USD to host the World Cup. What makes it worse is that the figure represents more than sixty percent of the country’s R$44.2 billion budget for education in 2014. It just gives off the impression that improving sports stadiums and airports take precedence over the construction of school buildings, or better salaries for teachers.

We understand how crazy the entire nation is for football, but education should always be more important than any sporting event that only happens every four years.

Read the full article here.

Soft Skills Just As Important As “Hard” Ones

teaching children skills that go beyond the classroomHard skills such as language skills, basic computer skills and of course, math or numeracy skills are very important in today’s world for any one person to practice his or her profession successfully. However, soft skills like critical thinking, problem solving, being motivated, effective communication and social skills are just as important, and these days, there is concern that today’s graduates lack these skills that will help make them good workers.

In any case, schools are now looking closely at how important these soft skills are for success, according to an article by Mirabel Shanny for Education News.


Excellence Shouldn’t Be The Only Goal of Education

encourage children to do something differentFor as long as I could remember, the word ‘excellence’ has always been associated with education. If you’re in school, you must do your best to excel. It’s the way many people of my generation have been raised, and it’s still the way many parents raise their kids today. That shouldn’t really be the case, according to an article written by Gina Barreca, Ph.D for Psychology Today.


Athletic Prodigy Teaches Us A Thing or Two About Success

academic successWe’ve always believed that we can achieve anything with hard work. While that may be true in a certain sense, it’s not the only ingredient for success, as this article written by Jim Taylor, Ph.D for Psychology Today is telling us.


What will the classroom be like in 5 years according to IBM?

individual learningWe parents have always wondered what’s in store for our children as far as their education and individual learning are concerned. To give us an idea, Leah Hunter, in an article for, shares with us a prediction made by Dr. Bernard Meyerson, IBM Fellow and Vice President of Innovation, about what the classroom would be like in 5 years.


Do We Still Need Classroom Desks?

classroom desksI came across this piece written by Carl Hooker for Edudemic. Actually, Hooker presents it as an obituary for classroom desks, which, according to him, have already outlived its usefulness in classrooms, thanks to modern technology. It’s a rather amusing but thought-provoking take on the history of student desks and how they are unnecessary in the classroom.


An Awesome Guide To Develop Critical Thinking Skills

critical thinkingIf we want to live in a society that works, it is essential for all of us to possess critical thinking. Without critical thinking, we’d essentially be robots going through the motions in life. We all must learn how to evaluate everything we see, read and hear, and decide whether we agree or disagree based on that analysis.

Like most life skills, critical thinking can be developed. An awesome 4-step guide to critical thinking skills posted by Jeff Dunn for EduDemic might just be able to help in that regard.


Who Is Responsible For Teaching Values To Our Children?

values education of our childrenWho should ultimately be responsible for teaching values to our children? Rick Ackerly, Ed.M. of ParentInvolvementMatters tackles the subject matter with a rather indignant article, which was itself spurred on by an article on the Huffington Post written by Tim Elmore telling teachers that their jobs have become really more important as they have to be responsible for the values education of our children.


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