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People Are Always Most Beautiful On the Inside

people are always most beautiful on the insideIn a world where everyone is consumed by rather shallow preconceptions about beauty, it’s heartening to know that even kids already understand that people are always most beautiful on the inside. In an article for his blog, Dr. Kelly Flanagan relates how his own daughter is already aware that beauty on the inside is what counts.


12 Quotes About Fear to Inspire You

Happy kid playing with toy airplaneWe all have our fears, whether we admit it or not. It is one of the most basic of human emotions, which is to say that if you’re a human being who doesn’t feel fear in any way, shape or form, then you’re probably not human.

Then again, fear can be overcome, as countless people throughout history have proven. If you are the type of parent who harbours fears about the way you are raising your children or how they are going to turn out when they grow up, here are quotes about fear to inspire you. Fear, after all, can stand in the way of success. Face your fears with regards to parenting your children, and you will be doing them a favour.


Focus on Hopes and Dreams, Not The Failures

how disappointments are dealt withAre you one of those parents who criticize their children when they fail to win anything at a competition or come home with a lower grade? If you are, then you might want to rethink that. If an article written by Daniel Goleman for Harvard Business Review is to be believed, the human brain is naturally wired to react according to how disappointments are dealt with.


Bullying Still Not Defined Clearly

more precise use of the word bullyingAwareness about bullying is perhaps at its highest these days, but the word “bullying” itself still isn’t defined clearly, leading to the misuse and abuse of the word by many.

Muhammad Nadeem talks more about this in an article for EducationNews.


How to motivate your child to study and learn more

motivationJust spending a few seconds praising your child’s abilities to motivate your child can have a dramatic effect – but not in the way most people would expect, including many parenting gurus.

If you want to motivate your child, be sure to focus your praise on away from your child’s abilities. In other words, avoid saying things like “You are super smart” or “You are a genius”. There is a much better way to praise and motivate your child.


Three Things To Never Say To Your Children

Do you remember Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich? The Secret’s Law of Attraction? Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar? In fact every authority on achieving life goals will tell you that your thoughts and your words are absolutely crucial in accomplishing anything.

Similarly, the words we give to our children can have a dramatic impact on their lives. And some should be avoided at all costs…


How to Deal with Fear of Failure in Children

Have you ever wondered how to prevent fear of failure in your children? Whether it is math tests at school, drawing or a sports club, our children’s world is getting more and more competitive.

Though some may say that kids today are quite lucky because they are given lots of opportunities to develop their full potential, there is also the fact that children are bombarded with all kinds of choices and information, that some of them feel very much pressured to do well.


The Importance of Teaching Confidence To Your Child

It is probably the greatest wish of parents to see their children grow up happy and fulfilled.
A healthy level of personal self-confidence is arguably an essential foundation for finding both happiness and fulfilment. It’s basically an attribute that can help any person to succeed at any stage of his life.

An early contribution from parents can be a decisive factor for the development of confidence in a growing child that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


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