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Making the Most Out of Your Naps

making the most out of your napsWe know that napping has extraordinary benefits. However, just because you take a nap on a regular basis doesn’t mean that you’re automatically getting all the benefits that it can offer. As an article in Feel Happiness states, “not all naps are created equal”, and goes on to present ways of making the most out of your naps.


Statistics Say Kids Today Are Under More Stress

kids today are under more stressAre kids today under more stress? According to an investigation conducted by UK newspaper The Daily Mirror, the answer is a resounding yes.

The Daily Mirror study reveals that because of a variety of factors like bullies, school assessments and the pressure to fit in, thousands of kids age 10 and below are undergoing treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression. According to statistics provided by Britain’s biggest NHS mental health trusts, 4,931 children have been treated for the above-mentioned conditions in the last five years.

Making it worse is the fact that two-thirds of local authorities have slashed budgets intended for specialists and early intervention programs.

To read the full article, click here.

Superfoods or Supermyths?

superfoodsAs we all want to live a healthy life and have our children eat well, you may have considered having more of the so-called superfoods in your diet, such as Acai Berries, Goji Berries or Wheatgrass. In an article at, Tim Crowe explains why superfoods are more like supermyths.


Help Your Kids Live to 100

live to 100Many among us wish we and our loved ones could live to 100. We all know it can prove to be very difficult though, considering the lifestyle choices we have been making from when we were kids up to the present. Still, it is not impossible to live to 100, as hundreds of thousands of centenarians the world over have proven and are still proving.

While the not-so-healthy lifestyle many of us may have led in our youth may hurt our chances of becoming centenarians, we can at least take steps that can help us lead our children to a long, healthy and happy life. To live to to 100, we must start young. Here’s what your kids can do to stay healthy and live to 100, with your help and guidance of course.


10 Awesome Foods to Boost Brainpower In Children

boost brainpower in childrenFood is one of the many factors that affect brain development in children. The younger years being the most critical for brain development in children, it’s only right for us parents to offer nothing but the best foods to boost brainpower in children not only for the present but also for the foreseeable future.

To help boost brainpower in children, let’s make sure that we give them (and ourselves, really) the following foods on a regular basis.


How To Improve Or Maintain Perfect Eyesight For Kids And Adults

improve or maintain perfect eyesightProper eye care is extremely important for all ages. After all, poor eyesight makes living life in general really hard. Without proper eye care, reading becomes a problem – and we want our kids to read for life, don’t we?  For us as parents working and productivity are severely impacted, especially when a significant part of your workday involves sitting in front of a computer. Worse, driving with poor vision endangers not only yourself but other people as well.

It’s a good thing there are a lot of things that we can do to improve or maintain perfect eyesight. Here are some tips to proper eye care, which are good for people from all walks of life.


Study Links Drinking Soda to Aggressive Behavior in Children

carbonated beveragesA new study has added another reason to a laundry list of reasons why parents must discourage kids from drinking soda. According to a Reuters Health report reposted on the Huffington Post, the study ties drinking soda to aggressive behavior in children.


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