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Math Facts – The Top 3 Reasons Why Kids Must Master Arithmetic

Or: How to convince your kids that mastering arithmetic and their math facts are a vital key to their lives.

Some kids hate math, while others love it. But even though your children may dislike learning arithmetic, there are many reasons why they should master the subject, and it isn’t just so they can graduate from school. Here are the top 3 reasons why your kids must master arithmetic, and these are excellent reasons you can tell them as well the next time they complain about learning math.


Why dividing by zero does not work

This article discusses some fun ways to show your child (or anyone else) that dividing by zero does not work.

dividing by zeroThe four basic operations of arithmetic – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all quite intuitive to learn. The hardest one to comprehend for a child is definitely division. The question that really gets a lot of children perplexed is the question of why division by zero does not work.

After all, you can add zero, subtract zero and multiply by zero – so why can’t you divide by it? And how do you explain something that is undefined?


The Best Way To Master Math Facts

master math facts confidentlyWho wouldn’t love to master math facts quickly and easily? Memorizing math facts has been getting a bad reputation in recent years. Psychologists from Purdue University have now proven that fast and effective learning does not need to be complicated.


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