Compelling Reasons Why Kids Must Study Math

why kids must study mathLet’s set aside the idealized notion that taking math seriously leads to the creation of inventive geniuses who will make the world a better place. Let’s be more down to Earth instead, and talk about practical reasons why kids must study math, preferably at Advanced and Degree Levels.

There are just so many benefits that being highly adept at math can bring to your kids for the rest of their lives. Here are some of the benefits of taking math seriously.

1. Advanced level math is a prerequisite for many courses

For your kids to major in Physics, Statistics, Accountancy, Engineering and of course, Math at University, they will need to have gone through advanced level math in high school. You should also keep in mind that advanced level math skills are also required for a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, psychology, biology, geography and anything that has to do with sports science.

2. More respect

Advanced level math will always be regarded by employers and university admission officials as an excellent qualification for anyone to have. With that kind of respect reserved for those who studied advanced level math, getting hired for a high-paying job or getting admitted into a reputable institution of higher learning becomes so much easier. Related benefits of studying math are higher confidence and self-esteem, as math simply is all around us.

3. Math wizards are highly employable

People who have been taking math seriously are highly in demand as far as employers are concerned. The fact that many employers are finding it hard to hire people with above average math skills gives your kid an advantage come job-hunting time, that is, if he or she took advanced level math  in school.

4. Higher income opportunities

On average, those who have studied advanced level math earn approximately 10% more than people who didn’t. Their average starting pay is pegged at over $30,000, and they are expected over their lifetime to earn $344,000 more than those who didn’t study advanced level math.

5. Better health choices

Consider this: children taking math seriously are more likely to be capable of doing computations inside their heads as far as calories in food and drinks are concerned. They’ll be able to easily run numbers on how much exercise they would need to burn off, say, a slice of blueberry cheesecake. When their calculations come to unacceptable levels, it would then be within their power to make different, and ultimately healthier, choices.

6. The ability to go for better deals

Let’s take product warranties for example. The average guy just considers the offer, and then pays good money for it. A person who took advanced level math, on the other hand, runs figures inside his head, makes a proper analysis, and, more often than not, realizes that paying for such a warranty is impractical and completely unnecessary. So he turns the warranty offer down and rightly so.

The benefits of studying math are just too many to list, but the ones listed above should be more than enough motivation for you to encourage your children to start taking math seriously.


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