People Are Always Most Beautiful On the Inside

people are always most beautiful on the insideIn a world where everyone is consumed by rather shallow preconceptions about beauty, it’s heartening to know that even kids already understand that people are always most beautiful on the inside. In an article for his blog, Dr. Kelly Flanagan relates how his own daughter is already aware that beauty on the inside is what counts.

Questions about beauty

Dr. Flanagan says that every night, he asks his daughter a couple of questions about beauty. He asks her first if she’s beautiful on the outside, to which she always answers yes. He then follows it up with a question about where she is the most beautiful, and she answers, “On the inside”.

It’s amazing how Dr. Flanagan is instilling in his own daughter the idea that all people are beautiful on the outside and the inside, long before the biases of this world about how it perceives beauty gets to her. Being a girl, his daughter will soon be exposed to issues concerning makeup and body image, and it’s great that she already knows that we are all physically magnificent creatures, as Dr. Flanagan puts it.

Then again, Dr. Flanagan says “as children we may be more fully, purely aware of where our real worth and value and beauty lie. As we grow up, we simply forget.” Truth be told, that could happen to his daughter, or to our own children for that matter. That’s why we should always remind our kids—and ourselves—that we are all beautiful on the outside, and are most beautiful on the inside.

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