Myths and Perceptions about Art Making People Think Twice About Pursuing Art

myths and perceptions about artThere have been countless stories of people who have always been creative when they were younger, but were dissuaded from pursuing any artistic endeavors any further because of certain myths and perceptions about art. In an article for Psychology Today, Rod Judkins explores these myths and perceptions that have made many children with promising artistic futures turn their back on what they love doing the most.

Artists perceived to be crazy

In a survey he conducted, Judkins reveals that many people think of writers, musicians and artists as crazy, drug users, and drunks. Some even perceive creative people to be unfit to become a parent, and all of them are troubled.

To this, Judkins says such myths and perceptions about art are often made up and spread by people who hate their jobs and just take comfort in the idea that artists are poor, suffering and miserable people. The thing is, these myths have been largely successful in making otherwise creative people think twice about pursuing their art, and proceed to safer and more financially rewarding careers.

The norm: safer and more financially rewarding careers

Judkins, however, mentions an interview he had with one of students who was brave enough to switch from a safe career in commercial law to study art in London. The student also talks about a friend who has been quite successful at balancing law and art.

The point here is that we should, in Judkin’s own words, “overcome the voices that say “it’s too risky, too reckless” and worry less about having safer and more financially rewarding careers. Our kids should also share the same attitude. It is our responsibility as parents to support them in whatever study and career path they want to take. If they are on the creative side of things, then we should be with them all the way.

To read the full article about myths and perceptions about art, click here.

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