MathRider Version 3 Released

We’re thrilled to bring you the new release of MathRider, version 3. We have been working long and hard to improve MathRider for everyone of you – our existing and our new users. This page is specially for you, to help you get the most out of the new release.

Our sincere thanks go to all of you who gave us your generous feedback and suggestions, many of which we were able to incorporate in this update. Without you, MathRider would not be the game it is today!

Overview of Enhancements

  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Ability to delete riders -most requested feature-
  • Ability to rename riders
  • Vastly improved High Scores screen
  • Completely overhauled Statistics screen, now with overall and individual improvement percentages and charts
  • Revised and optimized internal game engine and statistics analysis
  • Greatly improved loading speed when logging in
  • Many more minor tweaks and enhancements

Welcome to Version 3 Video

In the following video Thomas Brand provides a quick run-down and explanation of the major changes and improvements:

Click here to play this video

Introduction to MathRider, Version 3
Duration: 5:10

The major enhancements in more detail

User Interface

Every screen in MathRider has undergone a review and gotten a refreshed look.

main control buttons

The main control buttons that were previously floating over the landscape have been redesigned and lined up on the right hand side of the main screen.
So now if you are looking to start a new quest, have a practice run or view player statistics, they are all on the right hand side and no longer obscure part of the landscape.

This in turn has allowed us to reposition some of the quest rewards, which we also redesigned – especially the advanced and master awards.

quest control buttons

The redesigned quest control buttons are still located in the "MathLands" area. The MathLands area is at the bottom right of the main screen:

Rider Maintenance – How to delete a rider

main control buttons

You can now rename riders and entirely delete them from the game.
Simply go to Rider Maintenance and press the delete button. When you do, you need to enter your master password, which is the first set of numbers in your registration key, before the first dash.

For example, if your registration key was "12345-6666-7777-888" then you would enter "12345" as your master password.

Note that you cannot delete the rider that is currently logged in.

High Scores Screen

main control buttons

You now access the high scores screen by clicking the medal on the main screen. (It used to be the horse shoe.) The high scores screen now shows not just high scores, but also the awards that have been won by the players for their respective quest performances.

Statistics Screen

improvement meter

A lot of work has gone into the statistics behind the scenes, but we also wanted to make them more accessible to our users. So we added an improvement meter that shows by just how many percent the player’s speed of answering has improved since answering each math question for the first time in MathRider.

We also have more in-depth detail for each individual question, with an answer speed chart, an improvement illustration and an improved statistics summary.

question improvement illustration 
answer time chart

Other Tweaks and Improvements


We had a few comments from users about Shadow the horse’s neighing every time the player answers a question correctly. Try it out and see if you like what we came up with.

There are many other minor tweaks and some bug fixes that also went into this release.

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