Maths to Help Improve Organ Transplant Success

maths to help improve organ transplant successIn yet another example of using maths to solve real life problems to improve the world we live in, researchers at the Center of Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav) are hard at work to boost the chances of success of any given organ transplant with the help of a mathematical model.

According to Science Daily, the researchers are banking on creating a mathematical algorithm that will help establish the exact dosage of the immunosuppressive drugs that every transplant patient needs. The algorithm will factor in such details as genetics, size, age, current medication and time since the transplant, which are expected to immensely help indicate the most accurate dosage of immunosuppressive drugs for each transplant patient.

The researchers are hoping this will reduce organ rejection incidence, which at present stands at 10.5 %.

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