Math Facts – The Top 3 Reasons Why Kids Must Master Arithmetic

Or: How to convince your kids that mastering arithmetic and their math facts are a vital key to their lives.

Some kids hate math, while others love it. But even though your children may dislike learning arithmetic, there are many reasons why they should master the subject, and it isn’t just so they can graduate from school. Here are the top 3 reasons why your kids must master arithmetic, and these are excellent reasons you can tell them as well the next time they complain about learning math.

People use math facts constantly in their daily lives

One of the first things people do when they wake up is look at the clock to see what time it is. Imagine if you don’t understand what the numbers mean, how can you tell what time you need to be ready and what time you have to leave for school?

When you buy things at the school cafeteria, you need to know how much to pay and how much change you’ll receive, otherwise you may lose money by paying too much, or always end up paying too little and embarrassing yourself.
When you ask your friends the directions to their house, they’ll usually tell you how many blocks it is from the main street, so you apply math as you count the blocks going to his home.

If you don’t master arithmetic, you wouldn’t be able to calculate how much you need to save each day to buy a new pair of shoes or a toy you’ve been looking forward to have.

You apply math so many times and in so many ways in your daily life, that most of the time, you don’t even notice it. But it would be a shame not to master arithmetic, since you’ll be missing out on a lot of things without it.

The career you choose in life would most likely involve arithmetic in one way or another

There are so many careers in life that requires knowledge of math. Doctors would have to compute drugs and dosages to ensure that they’re prescribing the right amount of medicine to people. Architects need to ensure that they have accurate plans and measurements for each part of a building or structure to ensure that they are built well.

Accountants prepare and check financial reports and taxes, so they rely heavily on their mastery of arithmetic. Chefs need to measure and count out ingredients so that the food they cook taste great. Pilots must plan and keep records of each flight they take, and they monitor and operate many instruments and systems that involve knowledge of math.

These are just a few of the careers where it’s important that you master arithmetic so that you can do your job well.

Mastery of math helps developing logic and reasoning skills

Arithmetic is not just about numbers. It’s also about learning to think logically and breaking down problems into clear and distinct steps so they are easily solved. When you master math, you will be surprised to see that the same approach of simplifying and chunking down complex problems into smaller, simpler parts works in almost all circumstances.

Having mastered arithmetic, these skills can truly help you live a better, well-rounded life that is fulfilling and complete.

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