A Simple Technique To Master Anything Faster

master anything fasterNot long ago, I came across some statistics, and I was totally amazed!

Knowing how well you perform

That was about sportsmen. When a sportsman starts assessing his achievements regularly, his success gets at least 20% greater! No extra training, no new equipment… nothing changes at all.

Think of this: just because of knowing how well you perform, you do even better! That’s a mind game…

Now if this is true for sports, it clearly stands to reason that it could pretty much be true for anything we’re trying to get better at.
Come on, answer all these questions, quickly:
do you know where your child is at in terms of mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?
And where was he or she 29 days ago? or 61?

Nice performance boost

Of course, we do not want to police our children. I’d rather they know than you. But chances are if you know, they will, too. And if they know where they are at, then by the simple act of knowing, they are likely to get to mastery 20% faster. That’s what I call a nice performance boost!

The new version of MathRider gives your exactly that boost, because it no longer just shows where your child is at right now, it actually plots their progress for every operation – even every math fact, if you’re so inclined.

If you haven’t done so yet, why not join the ever growing number of parents who have already discovered the secret to giving their kids a great start and foundation for all things math. Get the full-featured 7-day trial of MathRider now and see for yourself what the buzz is about, and maybe then you can learn how it is to master anything faster.

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