Making the Most Out of Your Naps

making the most out of your napsWe know that napping has extraordinary benefits. However, just because you take a nap on a regular basis doesn’t mean that you’re automatically getting all the benefits that it can offer. As an article in Feel Happiness states, “not all naps are created equal”, and goes on to present ways of making the most out of your naps.

Factors that influence the effects of napping

The article cites research findings saying that there are a number of factors that influence the effects a nap would have on you. The time of day that you’re taking that nap is important. The same goes for how long the nap is. The article also stresses the importance of having a goal in mind before taking one, aside from providing tips on how to sleep quickly, such as not eating sugary food before a nap and having a dark place to lie down.

The many benefits of napping

The benefits of napping are just too good to ignore. Imagine getting stress relief, improving your cardiovascular health, boosting your immune system, improving memory, learning and your overall mood just by shutting your eyes for just a few minutes every day.

With all these benefits of napping, it’s no wonder that our own mothers had us take naps when we were kids, whether we liked it or not. Now that we’re parents ourselves, we may want to encourage our children to start (or continue) this habit. This is one lesson that we’ll be more than glad to teach by example, by taking naps ourselves, right?

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