6 Tips To Make Your Child More Creative

In a guest post for zenhabits.net, Marc Lesser talks about 6 great tips to hone your creativity. While these tips can be really helpful for an adolescent or a professional, they can make your child more creative too.

  • Children can ask a lot of questions, which can at times be hard to handle for us busy adults. But ideally you should encourage your child to ask more and more. There is a direct correlation between how many questions we ask and how much we learn.
  • Children do not have a voice of judgement, but from a very early age, an inner critic certainly sits inside them. It is this critic who a child should learn to play with. It can be a great step towards expanding one’s creativity.
  • From the first moments of lucidity, children should be taught to believe in themselves. Guide them towards acknowledging their areas of interest and encourage them to work on these. These areas are where people are likely to be most creative.
  • Teach your child to be ever alert towards the present moment. It is easy to vacillate towards the thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow but creativity resides in the moment called NOW.
  • From a very tender age, children should know that the world doesn’t have any written code of life. There are just too many paradoxes to encounter and various grey areas which require a judgment call.
  • Encourage and instruct them to be more attentive to details. This way, they will be able to examine everything more creatively.

You can read the original article here.

How many of these tips do you personally follow? Do you have one of your own special tips you would like to share with everyone?


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