How to Live Longer and Fuller Lives

live longer and fuller livesWe all want to live a lot longer. Certainly, for parents like us, we’d want the same thing for our kids. If we ever discover the secret to living forever and it’s hard to get, we’d probably move heaven and earth just to get that not only for ourselves but for our children as well.

Sadly, however, there is no secret to immortality. We are all going to pass through this world into the next whether we like it or not. However, while we cannot stop The Grim Reaper from coming, we have all the power in the world to delay that. An article by enumerates 15 ways that we can do just that: live longer and fuller lives.

Eat healthy and exercise regularly

The usual tips for living longer lives are there. Exercising regularly, eating antioxidants, not oversleeping, getting a pet, laughing a little, meditating and maintaining a positive attitude towards life are some of the tips for living longer that we can and should impart to our own children. As for the other tips like having more sex, quitting smoking, marrying someone with great genes or taking the more advanced cholesterol test called VAP, they could come later as far as your kids are concerned, don’t you think?

All 15 tips, however, are very much applicable to us parents. Sure, most of them may not sound all that fun—like getting pets for those who have allergies—but if we want to see our children have kids of their own, the least we can do is follow the simple ones like eating healthy, exercising regularly and being optimistic. Just think of them as a means to spend a lot more time with your children, and I’m sure you won’t hesitate to do any of it.

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