Learn Math the Fun Way

learn math the fun wayGenerally speaking, learning math can be such a tedious process. However, there are ways that you can learn math the fun way. In an interview for Psychology Today with Sooinn Lee, founder of LocoMotive Labs, which develops learning apps for children, Dr. Joshua Gowin discusses ways to do just that.

Learning math can be painful

The Korean-born Lee, who recently gave a TED Talk called “When Learning is Painful”, recalls being told from a young age that she needed to always good test scores to basically succeed in life and be happy. What made it even more painful for her was when she got into Kumon, the world’s largest after-school math and reading program. She said her stint with the program was very boring, especially when she had to fill worksheet after worksheet. There was no interaction, says Lee, and it doesn’t really take care of children’s needs.

App makes learning math a game

She also talks about “Todo Math”, an iPad app developed by her company. She promises that the app makes learning math a game, and therefore fun. “Todo Math” users are basically made to go on a mission, and this mission has 50 problems divided into eight games. Like with practically every game, users go on to the next stage to continue playing. According to Lee, “Todo Math” impresses upon users that success is the biggest reward and motivator, and that makes learning more fun.

To read the interview in full, click here.


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