Are We Treating Our Kids Worse Than Inmates?

kid in jailWe probably don’t think too much about the time our children spend outside. We believe it’s safer for them to stay inside, so we keep them in, cutting down outside play time to fewer and shorter duration.

What is surprising is when you compare the time kids spend outside to the time given to prisoners in the US. You’ll be amazed to learn the truth.

US inmates have it better than children

In the video below, inmates at an Indiana prison talk about how much they value their daily two-hour outdoor time. Watch it to see their incredible reaction when they were told how children fare compared to them.

Yet this is the reality. In a survey of 12,000 parents from 10 countries, it was discovered that one-third of their children from 5 to 12 years old spend less than half an hour outside each day.

That amount is sadly just a quarter of what these inmates get. We often chalk it up to not having the time to take the kids out. It may also be fear that keeps many parents from letting their children explore beyond the house. Whatever the reasons may be, it is indeed sad to realize that children have it worse than inmates in this respect.

Don’t be afraid to let kids get dirty

This video was part of an ad campaign launched by laundry brands OMO and Persil that aims to encourage parents to stop sheltering their kids so much. The survey they commissioned revealed the unfortunate state kids are in and reiterates the wisdom of giving them ample outdoor time.

Outdoor time is important, especially in a child’s development. Their immune system, creativity, imagination and social skills are developed when they are allowed to navigate a world much different from the four walls of their home.

By showing that inmates have it better than our own children, OMO and Persil are reminding us to not be afraid to let the kids be free to get dirty. So give your washing machines a good workout and get the kids outside.


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