Is School A Waste of Energy?

is school a waste of energy?

How productive is schooling today?

How we conduct our schooling these days needs some introspection. Mark Twain, a great thinker, once said that there is a big difference between schooling and education. To elaborate, we will all agree that only the best form of schooling can pass as meaningful education.

Unfortunately, we do not seem to be practicing ‘meaningful education’ today. What may be wrong with us? To cut the story short, our schools are focusing a lot on grades and misplaced concepts of education. They are promoting cramming thus narrowing down the perspective involved in true teaching.

How bad are things presently?

Things are not looking too bright. Our children at 6 years of age feel excited about school but by the time they reach the age of 13, they feel tired and a little cheated (truth be told). The central idea of education is to prepare students for life. Almost nothing that we learn in our training module prepares us for our days ahead. How much can cramming of algebra formulae help? Why don’t we pay more attention to Laws of Mathematics (which connects more with life)? Except a very few, no one is too willing to answer these questions.

Every birth is a miracle

At birth, we are full of possibilities. We need constant encouragement to hone the skills that we have. Each child is blessed in one way or the other but wrong line of training destroys that blessing. What we read today does not make us steady enough to face future. The education system impairs us in many more ways.

  • We lose sight of our vision
  • We lose the ability to cope with life
  • We fail to develop our personal skills
  • We become poorly evolved socially.
  • We cram many useless topics
  • We do not have any idea about how what we read today helps us on the road ahead
  • We become more isolated from our inner abilities

The radicals are coming

Thankfully, we can relax a little. Today, a few instructors are daring to think creatively. They are willing to back their heart (and minds). These instructors are teaching inventively and most of their modules are aimed at developing social and personal skills. To make matters better, many organizations are searching for students who are sufficiently developed both personally and socially. This way, the teachers and entrepreneurs are looking to work in sync towards encouraging a better education system for students.

More of such ‘new wave’ thinking is required. We want our children to learn things they can apply in future and we also want them to grow in every direction. The need, more than ever before, is to provide them education and not only schooling. Here, education may mean something that can be a foundation for growth of character, courage, knowledge and even wisdom.

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