How To Start Teaching Mindfulness To Your Students

benefits of mindfulness trainingThe concept of mindfulness, which has its roots in Buddhism, is fast becoming a popular method of intervention for stress, anxiety, tension, chronic pain, depression, and many other common ailments. Initially proven to be effective among adults, mindfulness is also now being taught to children in many schools through mindfulness training programs, with encouraging results. The benefits of mindfulness training are indeed manifold, and are for everybody.

Naturally, every school that implements mindfulness training programs are going to need teachers to guide their students through all those exercises that focus on breathing, listening, movement, and reflection.

If you are one of those teachers tasked to guide students through mindfulness training programs, the ModernMindfulness website is offering a great place to start.

Learn to teach mindfulness to students

The ModernMindfulness site offers an 11-week online training program that will teach you all you need to know about teaching mindfulness to students. In just 30 minutes of course work per week, you will obtain not just the skills, but also the experience necessary for teaching mindfulness to students. If you undergo the training, you will receive nine mindfulness exercises for any age group you choose as well as 11 instructional videos designed for your students.

Parents can teach mindfulness to their kids as well

Parents can also take this course if they want and teach mindfulness to their own children, especially when their kids go to a school that has yet to offer mindfulness training programs. With the many benefits of mindfulness training, you, as a parent, surely would not want your children to miss out on something that will help them manage stress better, become more attentive in class, start feeling positive emotions, become more optimistic, and ultimately become happier even as they enter adulthood.

Check out the ModernMindfulness site here.

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