How To Improve Your Child’s Mood and Academic Performance

sleeping childA study focusing on sleep duration and resultant child behavior came up with telling results, says a new article from education news. As parents, we may not be too willing to admit that a small tweak with our child’s sleep-hours can bring a lot of difference. However, the study proves us just so wrong. Conducted over 33 children, from the age group 7-11, the results of the study were spread over two weeks. In the first week, children were allotted 9.3 hours of sleep and their behavior and temperamental stability was judged on a scale of 100 (100 being the worst and 0 being the best). On an average, children closed in on 50 points.

Over the course of next week, children were divided into two groups. One group was deprived of sleep by an hour while the other group was asked to sleep for an extra hour. The first scored an average of 54 while the second group averaged out at 47 (despite actually managing only 30 minutes of extra sleep). For such small fluctuations in sleep hours, parents and teachers observed a huge difference in a child’s behavior, mood swings and general agility.

Have you closely examined how an extra sleep-hour helps your child?


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