How To Establish A Good School Routine

good school routineThe transition period from summer vacation to school is perhaps one of the more stressful times of any given year. This is true not just of students, but also of parents. During summer vacations, it is typical for parents and their kids to stay up late and wake up late doing all kinds of stuff, from watching TV and DVDs to playing board games late into the night.

With summer well and truly over, it is also typical for parents and their kids to be thrown into frantic days of dragging them off their beds, arguing over who gets to use the bathroom first, preparing their lunches, driving them to school and picking them up at the end of the day. It’s a routine that can drive anyone involved a little out of whack especially in the mornings. Clearly, parents and their children need to establish a good school routine. Here are some tips for doing just that.

Sleep early and encourage your kids to do the same

Much of the grumpiness associated with having to wake up early is a general lack of sleep. That’s why it only makes sense for you and your kids to turn in early so waking up early wouldn’t be a problem.

Encourage your kid to prepare everything the night before

Checking their timetables, laying out their uniforms and packing books, pens, pencils and notebooks into bags are some of the things your children can do the night before. That will save them and yourself a lot of undue stress in the morning.

Organize bathroom schedules

You can spare yourself from all the yelling and the door-pounding in the mornings if you organize bathroom schedules. Of course, you will have to enforce the schedule strictly on everyone in the household for it to work. When you organize bathroom schedules, make sure that you yourself will lead by example.

The importance of breakfast

The importance of breakfast can never be stressed enough. Giving us the energy to get through the day is just one of the myriad benefits of eating in the mornings, so make sure you and your kids get food in your stomach before you leave for work and school. While it’s usually the parent who prepares breakfast, it would also be nice if kids who know the importance of breakfast know their way around the kitchen and prepare their own breakfasts themselves.

Explore other transportation options

It’s expected for any parent with a car to drive his or her children to school, but for those who report to workplaces that are located in the opposite direction of their kids’ school, other options should be considered. You can set up a carpool with your neighbors, or you can encourage them to take public transportation, but with your guidance at first, of course. The same thing goes for when the school day is over. If it’s not possible for you to pick them up after school, then get other family members or really good friends to do it for you.

Get them to do their homework immediately

Encourage your children to start doing their homework as soon as they get home. That’s because the lessons are still fresh in their minds and that makes them more likely to finish everything quickly. It also serves your goal of getting them to turn in early as well. Some parents offer the incentive of a little TV time if they finish their homework.

Stop yourself from trying to do everything

Some parents, especially mothers, have this overwhelming urge to do everything for their children. Don’t. Managing their time efficiently is one of the most important skills you need to teach your kids, and you won’t be doing them any favors in that regard if you prepare everything for them.

Getting a good school routine going can help you know what to expect every single day as well as help you get ready for the next ones. It’s also a great way of teaching your children responsibility and time management. It may prove to be hard when you’ve just come from a vacation or a break, but in time, you and your child will eventually be back in the swing of things, thanks to the good school routine that you’ve established.

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