Ten hot jobs of the future for your children

1395294_robot_dogFuture is not a time; it is a place- a place full of possibilities where our most coveted hopes may meet our deepest desires. A lot of things keep changing as we keep moving at a speed of 60 minutes an hour towards the future. Jessica Winch for The Telegraph says that the whole idea of jobs would undergo a radical transformation. The surefire hits of today (read banking, law and stockbroking) will become a thing of the past and unheard-of jobs will become the hot jobs of the future.

Jobs of the future will be nothing like the ones today

This is anticipated because jobs just answer to the necessity of the times. Social media consultancy is a prime example of this. So much around us will change beyond the conceived limits and it will inarguably make a few jobs safe and secure bets of that time. For instance, God is not busy making any new land and this means that we are getting ever so cramped for space. We have all heard about cars parked over multiple storeys. The same is likely to happen to crop cultivation, thus making vertical farming a norm.

Ten of the most coveted jobs of the future

Education might still remain a crux but there would be a sea change in how we would perceive job security. Hardly an individual would stick to a single job for life and workers would keep changing jobs. Let us find out what the most coveted future jobs are likely to be:

  1. Body part makers- manufacturing living body parts (made to mutate under laboratory circumstances) for soldiers and amputee athletes (read Oscar Pistorius)
  2. Memory Augmentation Surgeon- surgeons ensuring proper functioning of memory in 65+ citizens.
  3. Avatar managers- professionals creating virtual holograms of individuals to float them into any imagined space of their choice. You want to see yourself at the top of Eiffel or leaning with the Pisa, go ahead!
  4. Child designer- those who would design children, customized to the taste of parents.
  5. Time broker- brokers who would keep spare times saved by customers in their bank and pay them goods/services in exchange of them.
  6. Haptic Programmer- those who would deal in the science of touch; Winch talks about gloves that would give a velvet feel when you  feel like being wrapped in something soft.
  7. Omnipotence delimiter- these professionals would counsel human beings on the threshold till which they can go in their illusion of Godliness.  those thinking themselves to be Gods would be quickly asked to mellow down.
  8. Climate controller- these professionals would modify weather pattern to give it a made-to-order feel. Wake up to a rainy day or a sunny day just as you want.
  9. Nano-medic- those who would excel in creating tiny implants for the medical fraternity
  10. Augmented reality specialists- those who would have mastery over computer-generated images

You can read the full article here.

Various transition phases would eliminate shock value of future jobs

Seems like an avant garde world for sure! Funnily, by the time we (or our children) reach this world, the wow factor would vanish and many things might become part of the anticipated. This is because while seeing 50 years in advance, we are in no position to witness the phases of transitions or the connecting links. Let us explain through an example. How was a 17th century Greek likely to react to OLED TV? Well! it would have carried a high shock value for him because he would not have seen the transitional changes- transistor, radios, television,  plasma, and LED. On the other hand, we do not react to it at all because we have come to expect it. Similarly, our children would reach out to these jobs in various phases and they might be able to absorb it as a part of imminent reality, quite unlike the fantasy element that we see in it.

Which one of the above professions would you want your child to join?


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