Hard Lessons Your Kids Should Learn in Their 20s

hard lessons your kids should learnIt is no secret that parents wish their kids stayed kids forever, but that, of course, isn’t going to happen. Whether we like it or not, our children are going to grow up, and will be faced with practically the same frustrations, failures and other situations that we went through ourselves, particularly during our 20s, that stage in our lives where we’ll be facing the realities of the real world.

Naturally, these tough lessons in life are best learned through experience, but it never hurts to give our kids a bit of a heads up while they’re still young. An article written by Richard Feloni for Business Insider Australia about 20 hard lessons everyone should learn by their 20s makes for a great reference for such a thing.

All-too familiar lessons

Most, if not all, of the 20 hard lessons enumerated by Feloni sound all-too familiar to us. For one, he cites the truth that we can’t party as hard as we used to in college, simply because we’re expected to have careers by then, and that our bodies may no longer be able to handle the excess. For another, there’s the universal truth that money is hard to earn.

One hard lesson that resonates with us is the one about us not being entitled to anything. Considering how a lot of children today are growing up entitled, it’s only proper that we teach this truth to our kids the earliest time possible.

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