Fun Lego Games for Kids Parties

Fun Lego games for kids partiesOne of the best (and unfortunately, hardest) part of planning a kiddie party is choosing that party games to include in the program. You have to make sure that the games will be fun and everybody can join in. Also, you have to make sure that it will really pique the interests of the kids. After all, games for kiddie parties should be tweaked for the kids themselves. An added bonus would be if the kids can learn a thing or two from the games. So what kinds of games can you possibly play that can be fun, engaging, and educational at the same time?

Have you thought about using fun Lego games for kids parties?

We all know what Legos are and we all love them. Children and the young at heart simply can’t resist its charm and simplicity. Now, all you have to do is to look for games where you can incorporate Legos. It will not be hard but you need to find a good mix between fun and educational as much as possible.

Before you even start thinking about various fun Lego games for kids parties, make sure that you have everything covered. Have as many Lego bricks as possible. Make sure to keep it away from babies and toddlers as they may ingest the Lego pieces. Lastly, don’t forget that although the games are tons of fun, parents and guardians should always be present. Safety should be the primary concern

The Best Lego Games For Kiddie parties

Here are some examples you might want to try out.Lego Games for Kids Parties

  1. Lego Relay – Relay is one of the more standard fun Lego games for kids parties but you will include a twist this time. What you need are at 4 buckets, 2 cups, and a whole lot of Legos. You can use a pack like this which contains around 800+ pieces for this game. Fill 2 buckets with the Legos at the starting line and place 2 empty buckets at the end of the relay. Kids would have to fill the empty buckets with the Legos from the buckets at the starting line using the cups. The children should take turnd in filling the empty bucket.
  2. Lego Tower – For this game, you can either divide the participants into groups or as individuals. The rules of the game are simple, kids will be given the same number of bricks and will be asked to create the tallest tower they can make. The towers can only be considered as a contender if it can stand on its own. The child or group with the tallest standing tower will be the winner. This is one fun Lego game that children and adults can both participate in.
  3. Scavenger Hunt – This game will require you to have plenty of Lego bricks, so there is enough to find for everybody. You can get bigger packs with 1000 pieces like this so the game will be fun. First, you need to scatter as many Lego bricks into your home and/or backyard. Give the kids some time to get as many bricks as they can. A “treasure” map can be given out that marks “hot spots” with more Lego bricks.
    For the next phase of the game, they need to create something from the bricks they have “hunted” and to give their creation a name. Points will be given for creativity and use of the Lego bricks.
  4. Co-op Building Competition – This is a definite party game favorite. Gather the children and divide them into teams of at least three. Give each team a similar set of Lego bricks. Next, give the them a theme of what to build. The theme could be outer space, science, homes, travel, school or play time. They now have to build something that relates to the given theme, but with a twist. They need to take turns adding a brick. So in a team of three children, one child starts laying the first brick, then the second child adds the second one, the third child adding the third brick before the first child adds another one, and so on.
    It’s important that the children are relatively mature to know how to take turns. If they are a bit young, you may prefer to let each of them build their own creations.

    You can create two variations of this game. You could either set a time limit for them to create their masterpieces or you can opt to give them a similar number of bricks and watch them set their imagination free. You can even combine this with the treasure hunt, so each group will have “hunted” their set of Lego.

    With either of the rules, you can assure that this will be one fun Lego game for your kids party.

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