How To Find Out If Your Young Teenager Suffers Anxiety

teenager suffers anxietyIt is but normal for teenagers to feel anxiety from time to time, since they, like us adults, have to deal with stressful situations in their everyday lives. There’s the pressure to do well in school, peer pressure, and of course, hormones. Some teenagers, however, seem to feel them more than other teenagers. They react more strongly to stress, and that could lead to harmful situations.

That said, you as a parent would want to know if your teenage kid suffers anxiety to the point that it cripples them and rules their lives. To find out if your young teenager suffers anxiety, check out an article written by A. Pawlowski for Today that cites some signs of anxiety among teens.

From breathing issues to self-harming behaviour

Pawlowski quotes several high school students saying they have trouble breathing when they’re feeling anxious, and that some of them pretend on social media they’re leading lives that are quite different from the reality they live in. Some also turn to drugs and alcohol to numb themselves. Withdrawing from the usual activities is also a major sign they are suffering from extreme anxiety.

What’s really disturbing is that there are teenagers who resort to self-harming behaviour, like cutting or burning themselves on the arms, legs or abdomen. Pawlowski says nearly one in 5 college students have tried hurting themselves.

For tips on what to do if severe anxiety has taken over your teenager, read the full article here.


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