Fathers and daughters

fathers and daughtersIf you’re a father to a little girl, you know how special that relationship can be. Just as there is a special bond between mothers and sons, the relationship between fathers and daughters is unique. When that little girl grows up, however, things are going to get a bit complicated, and you would want to impart some words to serve as her guide. Helping you out in that regard is an article written by Dr. Kelly Flanagan for his blog UnTangled.

A letter to his little girl

Dr. Flanagan writes what is essentially a letter to his own four-year-old daughter. He recognizes the power of words, and how words of wisdom from a father can greatly impact a daughter’s life in more ways than one. He talks about how he hopes his daughter finds her own strength in her heart and not in superficial stuff like her fingernails. Like all fathers, he also expresses reservations about his daughter getting bare and wants her to keep her clothes on, but take her gloves off when it comes to dealing with life. Knowing that his daughter is going to age, Dr. Flanagan also imparts wisdom about aging, that while her skin may wrinkle, her soul wouldn’t.

Personally, if I had my way, I want my own little daughter to stay the way she is, forever. Of course, we know that she’s going to grow up, meet boys, get married and have her own children. Nevertheless, like most dads out there, I’m going to always love her because even when she gets all grownup on me, she’ll always be my little girl. And yes, I will tell her the things that Dr. Flanagan says in his letter, and more.

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