When You Don’t Like Your Daughter’s Friend

when you don't like your daughter's friendIt is only natural for us as parents to have misgivings about some of our daughter’s friends. But sometimes parents can go overboard about it and in the process hurt their own daughter too. To avoid that, Susan Stiffelman, The Huffington Post’s AdviceMama, shares some tips on what you can do when you don’t like your daughter’s friend.

According to Stiffelman, you should not criticize your daughter’s friends, because doing so would be criticizing your daughter’s judgment as well. Your daughter might hang on more tightly to that friend out of spite. You are also advised to listen to your daughter when she complains about that particular friend. Stiffelman also encourages you to give positive attention to your daughter’s friend instead, because that something you don’t like in that friend could have stemmed from the absence of a caring and supportive adult in his or her life.

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