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Is Boredom Good For Kids?

is boredom good for kids?Boredom is a common problem complaint among children, especially during holiday times. But is boredom good for kids or not?

A common response from parents is to find sporting and artistic activities to fill children’s time and ensure their child is busy all the time.

While this may prevent kids from getting bored, child psychologists assure us that boredom is actually good for kids and overscheduling them with activities is unnecessary and even harmful.

Activities definitely benefit a child’s physical, cognitive, cultural and social development, but they also need downtime to process life. By being left to their own, with no activities, they can have a chance to daydream, pursue their own thoughts and occupations, and discover personal interests and gifts.

So is boredom good for kids? Here are some resounding reasons why:


Money can make you happy – as long as you spend it on therapy

money does not guarantee happinessWe want our kids to live a happy life, now and when they become adults. However, in a world as materialistic as this one we live in, we couldn’t help but worry that they might equate happiness with having money as they grow up. In many cases, kids already think that way. Then again, how children view happiness largely depends on the way they were raised. If you spoil them and give them whatever material stuff they want, they are likely to grow up believing money can make you happy. The funny thing is, can money really make us happy? If the findings of a recent study are to be believed, money can indeed make you happy, that is, if you spend it on therapy.


Kids Also Need Some Time Alone

is school a waste of energy?

Giving the kids some alone time promotes independence

Today’s children seem to have a never ending list of activities in their daily schedules. Often, we as parents make it our goal to provide our children with interesting things to do to keep them stimulated.

In an article at the Huffington Post, Dr Peggy Drexler points out how teaching and training our kids the importance of effectively utilizing quiet time and time alone plays an important part in their upbringing.


The best advice for being in a positive frame of mind

1110075_wonderful_3Great advice tends to be a very rare commodity. Often, some of the more mediocre ones come out in the garb of smart language or we simply assume an advice to be healthy because it is made by an elder person. This however does not change the fact that the real brilliant advices are like the Haley’s Comet. Pete Wargent for the Property Update writes how such advices should be kept for posterity by noting them down in black and white.

How to motivate your child to study and learn more

motivationJust spending a few seconds praising your child’s abilities to motivate your child can have a dramatic effect – but not in the way most people would expect, including many parenting gurus.

If you want to motivate your child, be sure to focus your praise on away from your child’s abilities. In other words, avoid saying things like “You are super smart” or “You are a genius”. There is a much better way to praise and motivate your child.


Three Things To Never Say To Your Children

Do you remember Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich? The Secret’s Law of Attraction? Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar? In fact every authority on achieving life goals will tell you that your thoughts and your words are absolutely crucial in accomplishing anything.

Similarly, the words we give to our children can have a dramatic impact on their lives. And some should be avoided at all costs…


How to Deal with Fear of Failure in Children

Have you ever wondered how to prevent fear of failure in your children? Whether it is math tests at school, drawing or a sports club, our children’s world is getting more and more competitive.

Though some may say that kids today are quite lucky because they are given lots of opportunities to develop their full potential, there is also the fact that children are bombarded with all kinds of choices and information, that some of them feel very much pressured to do well.


Four Tips To Help Memorize Anything For School Kids

Memory helps us to retain and recall facts, impressions and events. The fundamental skill that is required to learn any other skill is the ability to memorize.

As we all know our children need to memorize their math facts as a basis for higher level math. In the same manner, kids need to memorize alphabets in order to read and write. By following these simple tips suggested here, you can help your child memorize anything ranging from the name of a person to a math formula.


Homework Help for Parents (and their Kids)

Help with homework for parents and kidsIt is a well-known fact that most children hate homework, so here’s some homework help for parents. Probably the number one reason why kids dislike homework is because they HAVE to do it – there is no choice in the matter. But you as a parent can always change your child’s experience of doing school work at home for the better.

Here are some quick ways to make homework time a better time for all:


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