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Are We Treating Our Kids Worse Than Inmates?

kid in jailWe probably don’t think too much about the time our children spend outside. We believe it’s safer for them to stay inside, so we keep them in, cutting down outside play time to fewer and shorter duration.

What is surprising is when you compare the time kids spend outside to the time given to prisoners in the US. You’ll be amazed to learn the truth.


How You and Your Children Can Avoid People’s Biggest Regret in Life

regret in lifeRegret is a very heavy word, and sometimes, it can affect both young and old. Most of the time, regret starts out when we’re children. When we fail to do the things we want to, it can affect us as we grow older.

I remember when I practically skipped out on one fateful Lacrosse try-out when I was in high school. If I pursued it, I might have gotten a college scholarship.

That’s a good example of regret that stems from childhood. But how can you, as parents, help your children avoid making faulty decisions that will eventually turn to regret in the future?

Is It OK To Spank A Misbehaving Child Once In A While?

spank a misbehaving childI’ve never been a fan of spanking or any form of corporal punishment, but it doesn’t mean that I abhor them completely. Parents today argue as to whether or not spanking a child can be good or bad for them in the long run, and quite frankly, the argument has become cyclical without relying so much on various child development theories and existing psychological theories.

So is it okay to spank a misbehaving child once in a while?


How To Protect Your Child’s Brain Health (and Yours…)

Childs brain healthWe used to believe that once our bodies reach physical maturity, the brain no longer generates new brain tissue and because the brain no longer heals itself, we would eventually suffer dementia by the time we reach old age.

Thankfully, the belief that our brains are static organs has been proven wrong. The brain is one dynamic organ with the continuous capacity to regenerate new tissue. In other words, our brain continually heals over time.


Multiplication – Is 5 x 3 not the same as 5 + 5 + 5?

multiplication common coreRepeated addition is taught in the third grade in the US as part of the Common Core Problem.

Repeated addition, when applied, can be used to solve 5×3.

If you were to think it would be 3 groups of 5, you’re wrong. The correct answer would be 5 groups of 3, or 3+3+3+3+3.


Too Much Screentime Makes Children Lazy, Moody, Crazy

too much screentimeAre hyperactive/depressed/apathetic/easily angered children and teenagers becoming more common?

Apparently, chronically irritable children are often in a state of abnormally high arousal, or rather, “wired and tired”. They are agitated but exhausted.

Chronically high arousal levels can have an impact on memory and the ability to relate, so these kids are more likely to have academic and social problems. And if an article by Dr. Victoria L. Dunckley for Psychology Today is to be believed, electronic gadgets have something to do with all these.


How To Tell If My Child Is Gifted

my child is giftedDoes your child show great curiosity about objects, situations, or events? Have you ever found yourself stumped by provocative questions from your kid? Does learning come rapidly, easily and efficiently for your son or daughter? If your answer to all three questions is yes, then there’s a huge chance you have a gifted child, if the signs of a gifted child listed in an article by Barbara Rockwell for PopSugar are to be believed.


Hard Lessons Your Kids Should Learn in Their 20s

hard lessons your kids should learnIt is no secret that parents wish their kids stayed kids forever, but that, of course, isn’t going to happen. Whether we like it or not, our children are going to grow up, and will be faced with practically the same frustrations, failures and other situations that we went through ourselves, particularly during our 20s, that stage in our lives where we’ll be facing the realities of the real world.

Naturally, these tough lessons in life are best learned through experience, but it never hurts to give our kids a bit of a heads up while they’re still young. An article written by Richard Feloni for Business Insider Australia about 20 hard lessons everyone should learn by their 20s makes for a great reference for such a thing.


How To Find Out If Your Young Teenager Suffers Anxiety

teenager suffers anxietyIt is but normal for teenagers to feel anxiety from time to time, since they, like us adults, have to deal with stressful situations in their everyday lives. There’s the pressure to do well in school, peer pressure, and of course, hormones. Some teenagers, however, seem to feel them more than other teenagers. They react more strongly to stress, and that could lead to harmful situations.

That said, you as a parent would want to know if your teenage kid suffers anxiety to the point that it cripples them and rules their lives. To find out if your young teenager suffers anxiety, check out an article written by A. Pawlowski for Today that cites some signs of anxiety among teens.

How to Avoid Pushing Your Gifted Child Too Hard

avoid pushing your gifted childHaving a gifted child is a blessing, but it can very easily turn into a curse if you, as a parent, have no idea how to deal with your child’s giftedness. Under normal circumstances, a parent of a gifted child should know the importance of reinforcing the child’s gifts. Motivating them to excel also comes with the territory.

Some parents, however, may end up pushing their child too hard and not realize it before it’s too late. If you’re one such parent and you’re pushing your gifted child too hard, he or she could feel pressured, which could then lead to emotional issues that will become a much bigger problem later on.

In her blog Reality Check, child expert Dr. Michelle Borba tells of ways to avoid pushing your gifted child too hard.


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