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Changing the Negative Attitude Towards Learning Math

learning math is an attitudeWe all know how important math is in this world. We need math to compute the miles we can go on a gallon of petrol. We need math to compute how much we should give as tip for the waiter. Come to think of it, nothing in the world would have existed without math. Yet the attitude of countless people towards it isn’t proportional to its importance. Even more unfortunate is that a lot of students today have a negative attitude towards math, much like their parents did all those years ago.

What many don’t realize is that in order to succeed in math, one must have a positive attitude towards it.


A Simple Technique To Master Anything Faster

master anything fasterNot long ago, I came across some statistics, and I was totally amazed!

Knowing how well you perform

That was about sportsmen. When a sportsman starts assessing his achievements regularly, his success gets at least 20% greater! No extra training, no new equipment… nothing changes at all.


MathRider, The Intelligent Math Facts Game

fun with intelligent math facts game There are many math practice games available online, but I’d argue that what you really want is an intelligent math facts game.
The reasons are simple. First, you want to practice what needs to be practiced, and not what’s already mastered or what’s too hard. And second, you want to know when you’re done.


Help With Math

If you feel “my child needs help with math”, you are probably correct, and your child perfectly normal. In fact, most parents think these thoughts at some point or another. In the same way, most parents become impatient while teaching their children, because most of us have forgotten what it was like when we were learning some basic facts of life ourselves. It can be trying, frustrating and unnerving. Well, in the vast majority of cases there is a really easy answer…

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Making Math Fun – A Terrific Example

There are many creative ways to making math fun.
Today I came across a shining example of how to liven up a university-level tutorial class.

This is an absolute classic, have a look. Hint: this particular tutorial was held on the 31st of October 2009….
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