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Effects of Video Games on Child Development – The Good and the Bad

effects of video games on child development 1Are video games good or bad for your children?

Parents frown upon video games because they are a huge drain on time.

Education experts think that video games also corrupt the brain.

The media also blames violent video games for nurturing violent and antisocial behavior in children.

However, many scientists and psychologists believe that video games have many benefits – one of which is that they make children smarter.

Looking closely, video games can offer high-level thinking skills that children can use in the future.

So just how good/bad are video games for your children? Here’s what psychologists and other researchers have to say:


How To Help My Child Control Anger – What Works and What Doesn’t

how to help my child control angerThere’s always that one experience when a child lashes out. Oftentimes, parents deal with an angry child the wrong way. Combined with miscommunication and the child’s incapability to properly deal with anger, the emotions can become intense in a short period of time.

You see, anger is like mercury on a thermometer. You cannot let the anger of your child go unchecked, otherwise the emotion can increase from simple frustration to full-blown rage and bitterness. Let’s face it. There’s just no definitive way to anger-proof your children, but you can teach them how to control their temper.

In all of my years working as a counsellor, I have not been able to give parents a fool-proof plan for anger. All I have been able to provide is a guide of sorts that will allow them to not only help their child control anger, but also help them develop the coping skills to avert and avoid anger.


What Happens if I Reward my Child with Food?

 should i reward my child with foodI am a firm believer of motivation and its benefits for raising your children the right way, but right off the bat, allow me to throw in this tidbit: we’re all different parents and we all raise our children the way we want them to grow up.

I like motivation. I like the way they can be used to drive your children to do something. Sometimes, I like to offer incentives to my children if they do something – like get good grades or do chores. However, I don’t do it as much as I want because I don’t want my children to grow up with the QUID PRO QUO mentality – I scratch your back and you scratch mine.

Rewarding your child with something, like food, can be positive but it can also be detrimental to their development and progress.

What do I mean by this?


How Useful are Educational Video Games?

educational video gamesEducational video games are big business. After all, you’re combining education and video games and it makes for a big break to market to both parents and children.

The question is, do they actually work? There hasn’t been that much research done to really answer that question, especially when it comes to games designed for children.

One small survey reported that kids who played educational video games were less likely to suffer from attention problems at school, in contrast to kids who played more violent or arcade-like video games.

But can educational video games  offer more?


Should I Allow my Child to Use Social Media?

Children and teens find it easy to create and information online by means of social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be accessible via their computers, tablets, and even mobile phones.  They can also upload their audio and video files via websites like YouTube and Spotify.

With these social media sites, children and teens are given the opportunity to be creative and to stay connected with their friends, but with this gift, they have also become exposed to the dangers that accompany the use of these websites.

The social media landscape changes more quickly than you can change your shirt. In this article, I will go over the basic definition of social media, the functions of popular social media sites being patronized by children and teens alike, and most importantly, the risks that come with these sites.


Useful Tips For Remembering Multiplication Tables

remembering multiplication tablesTeachers have been using multiplication tables as a tool for teaching the mathematical operation to children for as long as anyone can remember. However, consistently remembering times tables has remained as elusive ever. Many children continue to find it difficult to memorize their multiplication tables.

Here are some very useful tips that could help them get over that multiplication table hill.


What Teachers Want Parents to Know

teachers want parents to knowThere is no question that a good teacher-parent relationship is essential to a child’s success in school. In the eyes of a child, teachers—the good ones at least—are the most important people in their lives next to their own parents.

However, there are a number of things about teachers that many parents don’t realize just yet, perhaps because they’re not saying them out loud. Well, Kylie Redford, a teacher for the Marin County Day School, does it for them in an article for The Huffington Post.


How Math Creates Our Movies

math creates our moviesOver the decades, we have enjoyed computer-generated effects-laden movies, from the sci-fi majesty of the entire “Star Wars” franchise to the scary realism of a small comet hitting the Atlantic Ocean in “Deep Impact”. We enjoy them so much for how realistic they are that sometimes, we forget the kind of hard work that goes into every single frame. Consequently, we also fail to realize how math creates our movies.

Just imagine the amount of mathematical work required just to make the hair of an animated character look lifelike or to keep Superman’s hair in place even as he flies through the air like a speeding bullet. Without a doubt, math creates our movies, and it’s high time we recognize that.


How to encourage your child to practice math

How do I encourage my child to practice math? Do you ask yourself that question on a regular basis? Here are some tips that may help in turning a potentially deep-seeded dislike of math and practicing in general into a life-long positive pattern of achievement.

What Is The Best Way To Learn According To Psychologists?

best way to learnThe answer to that question might surprise you the same way it surprised me. According to a new study conducted by a team of psychologists, the best way to learn is by studying over a scheduled period of time, not highlighting, re-reading, summarization or any of the methods that most students use.


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