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How to motivate your child to study and learn more

motivationJust spending a few seconds praising your child’s abilities to motivate your child can have a dramatic effect – but not in the way most people would expect, including many parenting gurus.

If you want to motivate your child, be sure to focus your praise on away from your child’s abilities. In other words, avoid saying things like “You are super smart” or “You are a genius”. There is a much better way to praise and motivate your child.


Three Things To Never Say To Your Children

Do you remember Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich? The Secret’s Law of Attraction? Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar? In fact every authority on achieving life goals will tell you that your thoughts and your words are absolutely crucial in accomplishing anything.

Similarly, the words we give to our children can have a dramatic impact on their lives. And some should be avoided at all costs…


Four Tips To Help Memorize Anything For School Kids

Memory helps us to retain and recall facts, impressions and events. The fundamental skill that is required to learn any other skill is the ability to memorize.

As we all know our children need to memorize their math facts as a basis for higher level math. In the same manner, kids need to memorize alphabets in order to read and write. By following these simple tips suggested here, you can help your child memorize anything ranging from the name of a person to a math formula.


The Best Way To Master Math Facts

master math facts confidentlyWho wouldn’t love to master math facts quickly and easily? Memorizing math facts has been getting a bad reputation in recent years. Psychologists from Purdue University have now proven that fast and effective learning does not need to be complicated.


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