Boost Your Child’s Spatial Intelligence

boost your child’s spatial intelligenceHave you pondered on what constitute the building blocks to a child’s development? Everyone is gifted with all nine types of intelligence as espoused by the Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. It goes without saying that every single type of intelligence can be developed.

If you think your child is a spatial learner and you aim to strengthen your child’s capacity to think in images and pictures and visualize accurately and abstractly, you might want to check out an article in GrowingWithYourChild, which lists 5 activities that can help you boost your child’s spatial intelligence.

Building blocks to a child’s development

If you have Legos and other building blocks-types of toys at home, then have your child play with them to his heart’s content. The article says building blocks strengthen the spatial reasoning and coordination skills of a child, and he’ll be having lots of fun at the same time. The same goes for getting him to do 3-D art projects using clay or Play-doh, among other things.

Sharpen visualization skills

The article also recommends playing a game of treasure hunting, as the treasure maps that you create for your child can help him visualize a 2-dimensional map into the 3-dimensional reality of your living room or backyard. Other games that the article suggests to sharpen visualization skills of a child are What’s Different and Imagination Journey.

My own kids already have Legos and other toys that help them create or build something, so I guess that area’s already covered at home. What I haven’t tried on the just yet are the games that sharpen visualization skills. Try them with your kids too, as they sound like really fun ways to boost your child’s spatial intelligence.

For more about the building blocks to a child’s development, click here to read article in full.


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