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televisionParents have never been too keen on their children watching television, citing how it can completely corrupt their kids. However, the right TV channels might help children gain many virtues.  This is powerfully illustrated by a new infographic from

Children, in their formative years, are exposed to a lot of trash on television. In fact, the infographic (provided below) claims that each child witnesses two deaths on television each day. By the time a child is 18, he has a 30% extra probability of standing on the wrong side of law. Apart from violent programs, parents curse hundreds of commercials for promoting fast foods and silly habits.

Switch channels rather than shutting TV

This however is only one side of the coin. Parents must wake up to the fact that television can be very educative and aid in overall development of a child. Instead of turning off the television, parents only need to choose the channels wisely. Programs like Mister Rogers and Sesame Street are known for their positive impact on children. Not only do they increase a child’s attentiveness and reading capabilities, they also teach the importance of being responsible, less aggressive and more interactive to children.

Better TV Infographic

Image taken from

Right channels may help in overall development

I feel that our education system does not work enough towards the overall growth of a child. It makes them cram stuffs, score higher percentages in exams but does not do much to prepare them for future. If parents allow children to watch the right channels, children can pick up things that make them future-ready. Such virtues may include but are not restricted to:

  • Superior conflict resolution
  • Higher interactive and analytical skills
  • Successful Anger Management
  • Successful discharge of responsibilities
  • Placing higher value on achievement

Do you personally shut down the television or switch channels?



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