An Awesome Guide To Develop Critical Thinking Skills

critical thinkingIf we want to live in a society that works, it is essential for all of us to possess critical thinking. Without critical thinking, we’d essentially be robots going through the motions in life. We all must learn how to evaluate everything we see, read and hear, and decide whether we agree or disagree based on that analysis.

Like most life skills, critical thinking can be developed. An awesome 4-step guide to critical thinking skills posted by Jeff Dunn for EduDemic might just be able to help in that regard.

The Four Steps to Critical Thinking

In the article, Dunn presents the guide to critical thinking in the form of an infographic. The Four Steps as they appear in the guide are Knowledge, Comprehension, Application and Analysis, in that particular order. Each step is accompanied by fill-in-the-blank questions that illustrate how each step works.

The first step—Knowledge—is all about the identification and recall of information.

The organization and selection of facts and ideas then follows with Comprehension, which is the second step.

Application follows, and it involves the use of facts, rules and principles.

The final step is Analysis, where you separate a whole into component parts.

Irecommend that you check it out, because it is indeed a very interesting way of illustrating the entire process that leads to critical thinking. This guide can also be useful for us parents too. After all, we really need to develop critical thinking skills in our children. It is one of the most important life skills that we can ever hope to foster in them.

Click here to read the article in full.

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