Affiliates Program

Dear friend,

Hopefully you have already used MathRider yourself or (more likely) have seen the effect on your kids when it comes to practicing their number tables.

If you have, you know the product works, and are happy to recommend it to others.  So why not get rewarded for doing so?

This is what the MathRider affiliate program is all about.

We will provide you with your own special link to the MathRider website.  Just place that link on your website, or in an e-mail.  Then every time someone clicks on that link and subsequently purchases a copy of MathRider, we will pay you 30% commission of the sale amount.  They don’t even have to purchase right away.  Even if they purchase up to 6 months later, we will still pay you the commission. Commissions are processed and paid monthly, usually during the 3rd week of the following month.

Just click on the link below and fill in the registration. You will receive your own affiliate link as well as various banners you can use on your website.

Please click on the link below now to start:

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