Advice For Parents With Overly Intense and Sensitive Children

intense and sensitive childrenIt is but natural for children to cry about stuff we adults consider as minor. There are children, however, who cry at the slightest of things, with some of them even having what could only be seen as a meltdown over—for lack of a better word—nothing. If you have overly intense and sensitive children, Paula J. Hillmann, PhD, LPC, has advice for you in an article she wrote for

In the article, Dr. Hillman says it is but normal for children to have these feelings of intensity and sensitivity, that they may just part of your child’s “personality package”. In any case, she maintains that this behavior among intense and sensitive children can be changed. They can actually be taught ways to cope with these powerful emotions better. For intense and sensitive children, she recommends techniques such as “self-talk”, helping your child develop other perspectives through books and movies, and even mindfulness, among other things.

Click here to read the article in full.

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