Game Play

MathRider is a totally new and innovative math game for kids to practice their number facts.

Practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from 1 to 12 is no longer a boring chore of filling in pieces of paper that then need checking, or playing flat web games on-line that just serve random numbers.

Game Intelligence

multiplication statistics

Mid-game Multiplication Statistics – green means mastered, the number nine needs more practice, and the top challenge is 8×8 (red). Grey squares mean these questions have not been tried yet.

While the rider is playing, the game learns what the rider knows and what he or she still needs to practice. Every single response (or non-response) is stored in an internal database and statistically analysed by the software. In this way the program is able to custom-tailor to each rider, which questions are asked next. No repetitive drilling of random number facts the rider already knows – but real practice of what actually needs to be practiced!

Plenty of feedback is given on the rider’s mastery of each number fact and operation, including an innovative overview map of mastery for each number table. This is highly beneficial for both the rider and the parent/educator. You can see with one glance where your child is at and where he or she might need further assistance. Top challenges are also listed in a separate list box for further easy reference.

Clicking on a question brings up more information on it, including a visual representation as well as some detailed statistics.

A Fun and Entertaining Math Game

multiplication practice in the enchanted forest

multiplication practice in the enchanted forest

Your child is taken into a land of fantasy and quests. Living in the Land of Ray and riding a horse called Shadow, he or she will set out on various noble adventures. Riding across amazing, digitally matte-painted moving backdrops of distinct fantastic lands, they will accomplish their quest, be it finding magical flowers, returning gems to the elves or even rescuing a princess!

Each operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) contains four quests, ranging from easy to master.

The four quests are the same across the four operations, however, the rewards are not. Every combination of quest and reward holds a different reward. The rewards are all animated according to how well the player answered the questions.

All rewards are displayed on the main screen of the game. In this way there is a direct feedback and incentive for your child to do as best as they can.


multiplication practice - rescue the princess

multiplication practice – rescue the princess

A lot of otherwise good games suffer from quirky controls or from making the game-play itself too difficult. It is incredibly sad to watch kids fail a math game, even though they know the correct answer, because they mistimed their spaceship’s shot, or because jumping over that ledge is just too hard. These things have nothing to do with math, so why put hand-eye coordination requirements into a math game?

In MathRider we specifically designed the controls such that they will not get in the way of practising maths. If you can do the math, you win, simple as that. All the player needs to do is key in the correct number and press ‘Enter’. The game does the rest. Sound effects, animation, riding speed and so on are automatically controlled and adjusted. In this way, your child can fully focus on practising their math while still enjoying a highly entertaining game.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division All In One Game

We have found that many older children, already learning multiplication and division actually lack complete mastery of addition and subtraction. To give these older children the benefit, we decided to produce one game covering all four operations, rather than splitting the game into two. As such, the game is designed so that a younger child can complete just addition and an older child can focus on multiplcation and division, but also revise their addition and subtraction as well.

Multiple Users Supported

The MathRider game allows more than one child to play the game. Every person creates their own rider, and the game tracks each rider’s progress and unique practice results individually. Via a simple login screen, each child logs in to their own game environment.